AppServ出現Unable to load php_exif.dll

phpWhen the issue earlier in the investigation Fusionpbx,In addition appserv the error log to see a warning record,Message as follows:

Unable to load dynamic library 'C:/AppServ\php5\ext\php_exif.dll'

After viewing the path php_exif.dll,Verify that no problem,Then the Internet for help。

This problem occurs because of the pretty birds,In appserv of the php.ini,Start each dll component is arranged in alphabetical order,But had php_exif.dll must be started before you can after php_mbstring.dll,So the situation will occur unable to load php_exif.dll of。

So solution is simple,The php.ini the & quot; extension = php_mbstring.dll & quot; move & quot; extension = php_exif.dll & quot; prior to。


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