Graylog OVA set a fixed IP environment

Open source log system - Graylog have provided OVA virtual imaging environment for use,The default network card settings to the initial setting DHCP,So if you do not open up after the allotment to IP,Will be part of the error message,To change the fixed IP,The following steps may be performed:


1. Disable Network Interface

sudo ifdown eth0

2. Modify the interfaces file through vi。

sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces
[Vi] a command to enter the edit mode edit mode esc  :w Archive  :q leave

3. Modify the content and format to the following examples archive。

auto eth0    iface eth0 inet static    address    netmask    gateway    dns-nameserver    dns-nameserver    pre-up sleep 2

4. Enable Network Interface,And reset Graylog

  sudo ifup eth0  sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure  


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