Blog Style Update

Spent a day and a half,The Blog to make a change in the style of the whole,Deeply to realize that the person is no talent for art,Do this and in fact there really is hard enough。

Yesterday all afternoon in color,Finally, the overall look is really quite ride,After reading a few times,Decide all over again。The second was finally finished with a satisfactory,But only about 75 minutes to satisfaction。This morning they tried to change the background,Make the overall look more comfortable,That is the current layout,I think probably there is progress to 85 points

Also a list of books on MSN Blog、Links and other information also move over the,Blog rich whole lot。Is currently engaged in the music section,Smoothly also along with my computer's music together to do sorting,Has spent half a day's time,Hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning should be able to get。

These days a little sick,Has a runny nose,At the same time get Blog,Unconsciously computer desk has piled up a bunch of toilet paper…

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