CASIO AW-81調整指針時間

一直 以来 都 习惯 带 指针 或 数 位 加 指针 的 手表,A few years ago bought a CASIO AW-81 this decade table,But he did not have a knob that can adjust the minute hand on the general pointer table,After the error between the 來時 start after having,Some have to go online to study the manual。

CASIO this design is very special,Although there is no knob to adjust the minute hand,But through both button,Through certain key combinations to achieve adjustment。Adjust as follows:

  1. Ren 按鈕 按左 bottom corner(C)Six,In the digital window display for the H-S and time,To enter the manual setting mode。
  2. Press and hold the left button(A),Until the text of the window flashing,At this point you can adjust the pointer。
  3. The lower right corner of the button is pressed(D)To move the minute hand。
  4. After complete adjustment,The upper-left corner of the button(A)That is the end。


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