Jan 21


兩相 對視 是 not love

But look the same goal。

By 金·From 凱特


Jul 5


Who hindered you hinder your,Often not who or environment;
Those damn resistance,
Usually comes from you
It should be noted that the constant 豫不,Wandering heart。

From 勇氣之書



Jul 28


A person's character determines his fate。
If you like to keep your character,
Then,You have no right to refuse what happens to you.

By Romain Rolland



Jan 3


Happy not have the multi-,But less about
Xifu people often contentment,Can be healthy contentment psychological
Can count on to do good,You can count on blessing
Heart is not difficult,And it was not difficult to
Can shame the people,Strong
Do not underestimate yourself,Because there are infinite possible
Down to earth
Imposing requirements Application No.,Chi to be long-lasting
Vow every day,做好 thing sometimes
The person With ashamed heart,Will from time to time to reflect on their own


Oct 7
Life is different every day waiting to solve ~ ~
On the side you choose to face or escape….
There are many things…Because to think too much and too many assumptions…
And made himself nerves….Will be afraid…Would want to escape….
But if we can have the courage to face him…招拆 invited to see…
In fact…There are many problems will therefore be solved….
Face or evade an idea in between…..
Any one option will bring up different results….
Crawling…Life ~ ~!!
So…Step in the wrong…Wrong step…
Moment caused a flight 那 擇 當選…Your life…
Is walking like a false start….

By a friend
Jun 28

The success of everything,Are in the process,
Is to be patient、Endurance、Trailing、Bitter resistance。

by Master Hsing Yun