Jun 13

Previously introduced ShowMyPC this easy-to-use remote control program,牆 穿過 direct fire than the maximum allowed 軟體 receipt of the far-favorable 是 處就 這類,Continuous line at the far end of immediate progress,Help solve the problem do not understand computers,Is a very convenient tool。

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May 25

Did earlier in the mail sorting,Repeat prepared to receive,Resulting in a large number of duplicate messages in the inbox,Great letter the amount of,Manually slowly review the deleted,Kyota time cost 將耗,幸好 找到 一个 免费 好用 的 工具—Outlook Duplicate Items Remover。
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May 23

Acrobat's price is to be commended,Has been looking for a free alternative,This will introduce PDF XChange Viewer is a set of almost replace Acrobat's PDF solutions。

General editing PDF commonly used functions such as file conversion、Merge / Split、Encryption and decryption, etc.,Has been like PDFCreator、PDF Split and Merge and many other free solutions you can use,With the exception of content editing part or utterly silent。
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May 21

Windows is best to use the phonetic input method,Import laws of nature when the network was 是 認為 personal wisdom, Ltd.,Just because the money,Import laws sound good 些年 來便 coccine use after completion,Chewing input method is also good,But sometimes in the selection of words,Smart is not enough。

Import laws of sound lyrics GCIN 試著 use under ubuntu 來在 bottom after,Obvious sense in the selection of words better than a new cool sound,Input habits are similar,A few years later with a,Its assessment is very good。There are times to think I do not know whether there is a Windows version GCIN,I did not expect really have。

  GCIN for Windows感覺還沒有做到很完善,For example, to enter the full form blank will be a problem,But the vast majority of other functions are ok,Now become my Windows default input method,Recommend to you。


May 16

Use PicPick has for many years,Commonly used is the screenshot with drawing a line of the function,Has always been with version 1.x,There is no updated version。Later, noticed an older version of "Rounded Rectangle" feature,Depicts the style will be color differences,So update to a new version。
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May 14

WindowsPager is a can let you have more than one desktop applet,Past always knew of the existence of such tools,The ubuntu system under but is included in the home,The actual use of the chances are very slim。

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Apr 25

Recently find disk erasure tool,無意間找到Parted Magic這個工具,Practical after the use of,A reducing true non-alignment tool 帖 little large complement 這套 發現,It contains commonly GParted、CloneZilla other useful disk tools,And use the live CD after boot,They were simply a Simple Windows environment,Firefox、PCMan and other basic tools should be a whole,Wallpaper also monitor system monitoring,Looks quite interesting。

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May 11

Legend 磁碟 machine integration allowance of purchased electricity 卡機 以讀 start 腦 這兩 years(A:),In fact such a change most users are glad to see,After all, the last time I saw the floppy I do not know what month,But always be exceptions,Tax, and most banks are still the main medium of floppy disk as the certificate store,沒有 story of Ren-ku, floppy face plate main machine via machine 磁碟 some young 沒有 是 這時,Through virtual disk drive can be used to solve the problem。


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May 2

Ability to provide useful 畫面 旋轉 success of Driver-ku, Akira shows the majority 數的 Genka,Including Intel and nVIDIA,But just use the older the Driver or other factors can not rotate screen,Then you can try this free gadget iRotate。


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Dec 21

Printer Migrator 是 一支 由 微软 提供 的 小 工具,The main function is very simple printer driver to make a backup and restore,For this purpose for the average user,會用 machine arrives Inmo 較沒,However, for the need to maintain multiple computers and business machines company is the line number is,Is a very convenient and practical tool for good。

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