Nov 24

  twitter正夯時,Taiwan also appeared Babu this same type of micro blogging service,A pretty good start Popularity,Fancy micro blog published with the nature and characteristics without the burden,Account was also apply for a,And embed on your blog。

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Oct 13

A few days ago early in the morning to finish the diary,Blog seems to think fast to reach 10 million passengers,On the point of coming in to look at,Thought so accurate,Received a 99,999 number plate。

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Sea 15

After two and half years ago since the blog layout editing sharply,They never go turn over,During the first paper stumbled message board message will go to the right,The column on the right is blocked,Thought it was a bad time to change his original attempt to change the css of,Given understand css,Let go of this situation has been tanking…

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Dec 14

In the upper right corner of the sky for a while before Yam added a flip page ad,Honestly - really hate,Every point came to be manually shut down,Sometimes there are points twice。Just see the message board a kindly inform users active message,Can direct this ad to close in the background。

After logon background management interface,In the "Manage Home" - "Personal Data" where,There is a "flip open page ad.",Select "No",You can turn off this annoying ads!

Aug 3

From the original 30 * 30px adjusted to 55 * 55px,Oh feeling every sale

ThanksMichaelInformation provided

I do not know when to start,Grammar seems to fail
Just looked at the source,Try to make changes to CSS,Results of a successful test
In the model by adding the following command to
#boxVisit A IMG {width:55px;height:55px;}


May 4

Large Seki a breakthrough at the end of human Yorozu heaven last magazine standing network,Back looking for a bit before breaking the record of,Last year, 7/24,Now been over ten months,Do not know when to twenty thousand people,It will take a little time coming。

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Sep 28

Popularity has always been sky tribal to observe visitor traffic with Google Analytics,Traffic long ago noted that both the record clear gap,The beginning thought it was not Google Analytics where misjudgment,But bring up the details view,Osamu 錄 a visitor a Minoru Minoru 每筆 Yes 確確,So do not know what the problem。

Every few days after,Sky tribal official blog,See a counter notice of August last year,Which refers to:

 「…Looking at single article,Only post a single article popularity will increase,Popularity and not increase the popularity (today visited his blog,You already in his blog on)。」

To do a few simple tests,Plants mentioned publication 如 確實 result,But this will give rise to a problem,Into articles through search engine users how to do? ,Post subject through subscription Hit,The same will not be counted into the head,In other words, as long as the users did not point into the "Home",He would not be enumerated by the counter,This setting seems too irrational way。

View Blog general way more than eighty percent or more of the traffic comes from the subject of click-through (including search engine、Recommended topics and subscriptions, etc.),So setting mode will differ widely from the actual flow rate。Take my word this little church is well served,天空計數器跟Google Analytics的每日訪客,Sent nearly doubled。

Anti Keio sky toward heaven Yes 發了 mail sealed before several,But so far has not received a response。The current practice is to install another set of counter services provided by Site States,Should remove the counter of the sky,In addition to the accuracy problem,Sometimes when reading the counter will be stuck,Causing Blog open slow,After 關掉 況且 之,You can view or through local "popularity" of。

已移除Site States,Considered 請參 " – Accurate counter the popularity

Sky has to fix this problem

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Sep 22

A small kit from Japan Blogs - Campanula ブ ro グ pa ー ツ the "su ず wind,Decorative hanging wind chimes hanging suspended one most upper right corner a network magazine 會在,And issued a "Ding Dingding" sound。

Removed was 97.3.23


Aug 10

Yesterday, in reply to the article,Only to see "Moderators Reply" color run away,Then change the setting。After entering into the background CSS settings,But found that this part of the set displays the results turned out to not play a role,Fair to say that this area should be part of ".blockquote" framework,But no matter what the parameters set,Showing results but always be applied ".post_content" outer frame。

After they did some tests,This part is somewhat similar to the "Blog finished decorating"Picture Path essay mentioned problems。After applying the default sample version of modules,Everything is normal,But as long as the action on the CSS for storage,Whether you have not changed,Layout is the above-mentioned problems occur。On the back is a picture address into a relative path absolute path to solve,But this is how I could not find the problem sticking point。

Since this is set inside the Sky Blog,So say you want to find instructions on Google should not be too easy。After tried several times,Think of the sky also provided a similar service to Yahoo knowledge,They take a chance。After the key into the key,I really did not expect to find a solution,One way is to enter their own ".bmreply" framework,In doing this framework will be applied in the natural setting of "principal reply" in。

I would like to know is how to provide answers to people who know this framework,But not to mention this point,Let me surprise is relatively,This makes me question the verge of giving up,But so easily through "Knowledge Search"And get answers,For this mechanism,I feel it only sticks,絕對要給予五顆星評價! 🙂


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Blog finished decorating

Aug 8

This is the second revision of the,Also spent more than a day's time,However, the magnitude of this great revision,Just as changing the background color and just like last time。The entire layout architecture have done modifiers,By two-to three-column-column,Many also enlarge the font。

In the process of amending,Learned a lot of things,Originally provided with the sky "little helper" to modify the,When testing a layout,Has been a problem,What did not change even a mistake,Later found out is set to address the problem of picture,The default is to use relative paths (/folder/img.jpg),Rather than an absolute path (,After storage,The system will not find a picture。In the modification process,Did not always feel that there seems to be some set in a small helper in,Well done simply go directly to change CSS,After groping for a while,In fact, much the same feeling with html,It is easy to get started,Of course, the degree of freedom than many of Assistant High,And so it began to modify the CSS code,You do not understand the great God will turn to Google。

In the process of matching the,Also like a last time and made me a head two big,I really have no talent what! Later in thejoaoko’s blogSaw an offer blog templates websiteFresheezy,Provide a lot of boilerplate module inside,They refer to a variety of color styles,After several test match,Always feel only way is to use the background color seem monotonous,They try to create a gradient map,I did not expect the results were good miles! Now Title background on both sides of the sidebar is my finest creations map,Ha!

Originally almost on a whim yesterday morning the,When looking for a friend identified,Only to find that IE and Firefox browsers are slightly different circumstances,To that little problem,It took time to study the half-day,But still can not find the perfect solution,Finally, a compromise can only be used to replace,This is more fly in the ointment。

Revision of the score on the back is 85 points,This time I will give 90 points!

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