Sea 14

  一直以來都把網誌的圖片放在Dropbox,但最近收到Dropbox通知,3/15準備把Public的公開資料夾功能拿掉,雖然還是可以用”分享連結”The way,讓圖片可以外連,但這個轉換工作太浩大,且難保未來不會再調整一次,Therefore, assessment of the picture altogether moved to a more stable space。

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Sea 16

  從MSN Spaces轉戰Yam天空後,終於自己著手架設網誌,原以為會一直使用Yam天空,雖然自由度沒自己架的高,But free resources、Sufficient bandwidth,以及備援措施等種種好處也是很具吸引力,且Yam天空的客服還算不錯,偶會推出一些實用的功能,針對回報的問題也會解決,There are often just have to wait for the first half。


  最後會讓我決定自己架的原因還是因為自由度,In addition,Yam天空的部落格被塞入愈來愈多的廣告,過去部份廣告還能從後台關閉,But then would not put such a thing。Coupled with the efficiency of solving part of the problem is really dragging for too long,Simply on their own shelves altogether。

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