Jan 23
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by LEE


Jan 3

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In occasional opportunities,Learned of the existence of a book called "incredible" book,By chance a week south of Taichung,In Taichung station nearby bookstore to find a book,I did not expect this began my career studying…

From small to large I have been a lack of interest on reading materials,Always feel tired to read a bunch of words。State fans will be part of the hour comic books,And after graduation, I do not know how the,Rejection of comic books began to change,Until the vocational began to come in contact with PC Magazine,So you can say that I almost did not book in such novels such contact is "text",Until bought the book so far。

This book is currently NTU president of the writings of Dr. Li Sicen,Content is mainly for specific functions,Research notes fingers literacy。After reading the sequence in the bookstore and directory,Readily turned a few pages of view,I did not expect the contents of the book really makes me wonder greatly,The idea of ​​a strong mind instantly emerge,"Buy a home a good taste of it!" So,When the next day at the station to ride back to Taipei,He first went to the bookstore to buy the book,When unpacking the car could not wait to read。Because this book is not a small font,Typesetting more relaxed,So in the car so I did not read the situation dizziness。This book is not thick,I probably spent a day or so they finished reading the whole,The book phenomenon really is stunning。

To every other week during the next Taichung,Went to the bookstore to find the "unbelievable II" point of view。Conventionally,I turned the order and catalog view,After reading the catalog does not make me as excited as the last time,White said the matter is that I do not know this time Professor Lee in the end what has been done to test,But would like to know based on the subsequent development of this research project,So the next day back to Taipei ago,I still bought it。The thickness of the book in front of an almost,Also spent the day reading about Mo。Book content,I was dumbfounded many,As part of the contents of the past have been able to explain my unsolved questions,More even be able to fit with my perception,Therefore, in the process of reading,Continue to appear strong sense of excitement。After watching close my book,Always feel that it is something more to say。

Since I am not do book reviews,So do not dwell on the content of the book,I just wanted to share my experience of contact with the book。After I read a few books are starting the new century and spiritual classes,There would be no higher than two previous I like to have so much power to shock the。Later had discussions with a few friends want to book review,Discovered that each person feeling different,So now I will not be particularly strong hope that other people would have been sure to get a look,Only recommended for anyone with an interest in such books with a reference。

A few months down,I have not confined to spiritual classes and the new century, books, etc.,Now for literature books also want to try to read something。Currently more want to reach for the history class and classical fiction series,Because before the bookstore,Suddenly feeling,There are many ancient Chinese classics only hear from the textbooks,Himself never touched,Feel it is a pity。Sūtra consider several,Then when the Internet bookstore last week to set up a two volumes of Records,Think thus came into contact with ancient history,And test their own literature books for acceptance to what extent。

For me,The greatest pleasure in reading,莫過 於當 during manual 內容 gave during self 產生 resonance,As well as…Koboshipeji moment!

Jul 11

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Temporarily come to an end four years of college life,Looking back,Does not seem to a few memorable things,There is only painful memories…..

After 畢業 in the land,Studies began to fall stepped down。In addition to high school midterm exam the first time to third,After it has been hovering around in ten,Reading situation becomes bad,Did not always look to the book reading。After entering university,Not only did not improve,Unexpected again sharply downward slide,Sliding speed,Like sit slides,To senior winter vacation,That is, at the beginning of the year,I feel that I seem to have arrived bottom,Was also emotional collapse several times…..

Ten grades come out before several,这 学期 All pass,Average 81.8 minutes;This is the first time in four years passed all,Also for the first time on an average of 80 points。After seeing the results,A lot of mood suddenly,After so many things,Finally there is one exciting thing。

First light after the heavy storm,So beautiful,Is so kind of beautiful。

Jun 24

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Younger sister asked if I wanted to eat peaches,He has a lot of friends can get below market price…..

After talking,Thinking for a moment,Suddenly found,When standing purchase east and west,Everyone seems often only "relative" as a measure of perspective,While ignoring the importance of the "absolute" angle。Recall,And he always made such a mistake,When standing purchasing power 腦相 關產 goods,Compare waited a long time,Finally find the cheapest price,But forget the so-called "cheapest price",For me this is not the money students,It is not a small number, but ah!

How not to fall into "relative" myth,This is also a need to think carefully about the subject!

Jun 12

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Although Dragon Boat Festival yesterday,But for me,,Today is the Dragon Boat Festival。

Morning Edie Niang more than seven to quarters,Taipei 些雜 one thing once more for 是 cornerstone rests 幫我 destination,Niang with seven dumplings,Lady package,They eat it after two,I left five as in、dinner,Originally I Niang wants she does not know will not too much,I did not think it is something more to say,Night after would like to eat ~

禮拜 這個 start about four large,I started a Wantian Tang。This is holding the nostalgic heart,Want to play when training dogs 3,And experience paradise changes,Rather than indulging in the same year in order to play and play。So far,I think my mentality is no problem,Nor addicted,Can always say shut it off,And afternoon also completed the job done,We Yuzuru Yuzuru our customers a top 這是,因為我又再次做到了「Do what you need to do !!」

Today in the game,Also 發作 Seito,Ran gambling pool,New gambling law,I did not expect to earn 20 million,This is probably the amount I want to play for a few days or even a week will earn。I rarely play games will continue to practice more than two hours,I think that's very boring,Not "play" feeling,So before most often do is teach you to go shopping、Man quarrel PK、Man or buying and selling things, etc.,So play more than a year before the progress of others Kuanglian only one month only。Back to the topic,The talk to Azhong show off,去 also bet one stage completion time over,Bet two hours have,And lost 60 million,Body remaining forty thousand,So he went Azhong that return fighting,However, there is no special frustration,Me for my reaction, I was quite satisfied with,This means I do not have to indulge,My self-is getting better and better。And later ran neatly Daguai hit two hours,Also like a lot,The conclusion is that after thinking ~ I think my short time,了 bet not leave 會再 應該

Evening drink Niang own bubble tea,Feel special taste。There was time to play before raising tea,Inmo feeling 沒 是 governor,Jasmine tastes better take a dip or think there is no home big kettles bubble,Finally, it gradually did not touch the。

Scheduled completion 抽痛 not start 臟又 Tenshin 這兩,Frequency of tics yesterday never frequent,Today there are some,I hope this problem can stop occurred,Because really strange terror。Feeling a bit tired,To bed early enables no longer hurt tomorrow,God bless me & my family.

Jun 5

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In the last day of consecutive holidays,Is still conventionally's sleep wake up before 12:30。Afternoon to complete a small job,Although this work is going to pay for a week after the,But this feeling - very good!

Closing the,operation、Exam after another,Often at the last minute did not start,Of course, the effect is very poor,Each will think, "If done early enough."。But experience tells me over the years,Even give me a few days,I will still accumulate to the last day and then implement,And doing often by doing Internet,Therefore, the effect of the difference between,Can imagine。

Do what you need to do !!

I hope I can often do