Nov 2

The month easy riding trip and then the situation,Originally scheduled to ride Shezi
But this week there are new members join,U.S. 糕啦 stutter also 跑去 於是…

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Oct 8

Company Ryouichi child sitting next four pieces 來只 Mon 說這 story,And shorties about the
Since the the Liao fat down when the technology upstart,Large power down when a car incarcerated Cavalry
During tried to cultivate new blood,But the iron railings are easy to find,~ ~ 啊 fathom flame knight "
找人 meaning time after completion 就不 來也,All revel
But silently in beating around the bush with suitable candidates
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Jun 8

Second week to accompany riding trip,Iris 這回 conversion
至于 上周 的 Aries,I think he did not appear to ha ha

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Jun 6

Ryo rolled out 續環 Island 來的 passion for culture,Five minutes 了 selected mountain 來騎 這週
廖肥 了 outside except 這次,Makoto 參與 a human Ah Yes a reducing iron
To consider Arab Cheng traditional illnesses,Was going to say he rode very in to see whether or not the mountains
Makoto Abe return on the last completed 是,Iron Man is really not called false
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Jun 1

Had originally planned this year all the mountains,Do not ride Riverside
However, recently, looking for a colleague to ride,And therefore particularly by Sunday to accompany riding trip
Coming three years military fleet formation 增肥 是 這也,First time female compatriots

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May 10

Although fertility group with BH duo has always been incompatible
But the heart of the spirit of compassion,舊之 峽懷 journey three main driving 這趟 參與 GBS 邀 flight 這回

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May 1

Wulai goal for this week,Tailored planning this trip is designed for A Cheng
We 跟了 child 麼多 years 們這 這小,Have not even been to Wulai
The wash disaster hi correction should not be to

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Apr 23

Weather forecast last night to early morning rain 90%,Morning to night, 30%
Sure enough, when it began to rain last night ~
Let me have more confidence in forecast

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Apr 17

With just finished the warm island,And coincides with the rare good weather weekend
Iron Horse team back on the path called fattening Ilan small cell head nostalgic trip
In addition to the participation of Liao fat and tired to see me outside,There are preparing next year's Iron Man Ah Cheng island

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Jan 1

New Year's Day to do? Right to participate in the flag-raising ceremony!? of course not!! Of course, is a wound,Set foot on the starting line of this year's fertility cavalry,By the way, that we belong to greet the first dawn ~

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