Dec 28

Today there are colleagues react when send a Word file,Then the subject received an "undelivered:」,Content is explained “552 MS-Office file containing VBA marcos found inside of the email”,After testing a few times back and forth,To confirm that the firewall is blocking Sonicwall。

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Dec 13

Recently they have shifted the company's wireless are replaced UniFi AP,There was the impression that teaching even read the article into the AP through SSH,To be specific obstacles in the exclusion,Just try to look at the operation,Account password has been an error occurs,Use ubnt / ubnt official website provides and root / ubnt default account password does not work,Use console login account password is not right,Later climb some discussion thread,I found related settings。


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Nov 10

Recently from outside through the IMAP mail systems、POP3 and SMTP port open more and more frequently in the case of e-mail account password try inside,Although e-mail systems have some mechanism can be blocked,But seeing so many reports IP really uncomfortable,Therefore, the process of collecting all these IP intend to import Sonicwall firewall,Direct to blacklist,After searching the Internet many articles,Sonicwall does not provide a way can be,So you want to build such a large number of IP Address Objects words,Through SSH would be the best way to save time。


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Oct 24

Previously wrote "Sonicwall FortiGate firewall to establish Site to Site VPN"Article,At that time often encounter keep FortiGate devices do Site to Site VPN,And my hand is Sonicwall,The results are sometimes successful implementation sometimes fails,Later, there are times altogether spent some time,The two brands are set to be a way to organize,To facilitate subsequent reference。At that time testing and finishing News,Have found a slightly different FortiGate firmware,Quite the same way will be set,To trouble,Later, he gave the two methods can be successfully established connection”Tunnel”Give”Interface”Are recorded,So that the next encounter revision,You can try different methods。
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Jun 14

Yesterday a User installation FortiClient,Finally, always present and can not be installed successfully rolling back,His environment is Windows 10,The first installation is OK,But also because anti-virus mistakenly loaded into,So the whole removed again,Began to appear in the final stages of rolling back the installation after the second,Tried to manually remove the virtual network adapter are now part of the machine code Wufajiejue,Finally, the use of advanced restart finally get。
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May 3

Once when in-house test,Sonicwall found for the same segment, but not tied to the external IP firewall,Will be considered fake IP and block off,Sometimes finding solutions,It did not go ignored。Recently a colleague reaction,A customer does not come in the mail to send,I do not have any connection to check SPAM record,While the other check log to determine our gear,Let us set up and provide IP whitelist,The IP're just looking at each other with our one yards,It reminds me of that year found problems Sonicwall,After transfer to a firewall record,She saw”ip spoof dropped”Messages。

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Dec 20

The reaction colleagues previously outpoint,Line on the phone can send messages correctly,But can not send pictures,Also the use of a network that is normally。Research for a while,Thought it would not be a problem MTU,Sonet network is just the problem of mining pppoe dial-up,Internet search will recommend value,General advice is 1492 or 1484,The default value is 1500 Sonicwall firewall,After adjustment,Line normal to send pictures。
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Dec 7

Recently VPN abnormal occurrence points outside the company,After the manufacturer to assist the inquiry,Was due to a specific point outside the bandwidth occupied by user caused by。At the moment the problem occurred,In fact, manufacturers have seen through MRTG statements are traffic issues,But did not clarify further what is causing traffic anomaly reason,They are not thinking about what their own way can be a simple traffic monitoring,When the problem is to occur,You can find out what is causing IP,Even able to detect the use of the service why。
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Oct 26

In a recent assessment Sonicwall firewall and IPS subscription service ATP,But the budget can only choose one in two,A first started asking manufacturers recommendations,Because Taiwan can not subscribe to the manufacturer's instructions Capture ATP alone,He therefore suggested IPS subscription service。
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Jun 22



Baud rate: 9600
1 stop bit
No parity
No flow control
8 Bits

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