Oct 23

Recently introduced the class teacher heard this development tool Visual Studio Code,Try a little later,His highlight color looks quite comfortable,With the exception of the opening speed remains Microsoft's usual style,Oh flattered ~。Recently subtraction use this tool to help modify some grammar,The initial period inevitably there are many places to be adjusted,Therefore, to open this theme will be used to set their own record,If the subsequent increase continuously updated。
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Sea 14

  一直以來都把網誌的圖片放在Dropbox,但最近收到Dropbox通知,3/15準備把Public的公開資料夾功能拿掉,雖然還是可以用”分享連結”The way,讓圖片可以外連,但這個轉換工作太浩大,且難保未來不會再調整一次,Therefore, assessment of the picture altogether moved to a more stable space。

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Feb 20

  預設ul標籤會在行的上下方留白,若不要留白,Can be added in the ul tag css:

ul {



Feb 7

Method one:

  • 在專案按右鍵選「Manage NuGet Packages for Solution…」


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Jan 20


1.至Studio Styles網站下載Monokai Bright – Sublime的scheme。

2.開Visual Studio,「Tools」-「Import and Export Settings」-「Import Selected Environment Settings」…。