Oct 26

The original host business for over ten years,Customer service recently began in the case of missing,And now unlike before or no income students,So find a good quality web host among,Ready to move。Just yesterday helped His wife applied for a new URL,It is simply the first to move his blog,Relocation process is not a one-stop,So write this article,Record details。


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Sep 24

  • WordPress version: 4.9.8
  • Ad Inserter version: 2.3.21
  • Explanation:In WordPress sidebar add a custom content information,Such as advertising or Logo。

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Jul 7

In writing essay htaccess,Tieshanglai code all the confusion,Had to search online for the plug-in,There are recommended by friends SyntaxHighlighter Evolved,Tried it quite satisfactory,WordPress.com also seems to use this set of plug-ins,Demonstration follows:

#button {      font-weight: bold;      border: 2px solid #fff;  }



Apr 15

  最近幫女友建了一個Wordpress,他在選擇佈景主題後,卻發生首頁的每篇文章,圖片皆自動隱藏,且所有斷行都不見,Become very unexpected summary display。Internet search,Finally on the other side of the article to find clues。

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Jun 18

Placement surface section 份版 wordpress completed several adjustments before heaven,乎因 similar problems for the current analysis time after 來發,Will lead to the presentation of the "Search" function is a bit different,Further noted that the default search field is not too nice,Originally just want to take the "search" remove the word,Internet looked at some of the design,Using a different presentation。

Original style The modified

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Sea 20

To display "Related Articles" at the bottom of the WordPress article,Including new syntax directly in the php file or install plugin。My personal habits are not moving php can not move as much as possible,維護 after an expedient for 是,Will try to seek the way of the plug to the demand,But this to introduce plug-ins to add articlesYet Another Related Posts Plugin」。


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