Nov 29

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Aug 15

  Monday night, Received a phone with ladder,Chatted for a while and killing,Because he did not know the feelings of the problem is drink alone。Do not ride when you want him to go home,Other 卻堅 di,He had to be home when my phone。Always fit heart,So set aside the time and later gave him two pass,He confirmed case…

When being bored,Last week came the easy ride Pinghsi photos。Looking at the photos that day,Was back in the next day, the moment Falls,Whole mood suddenly,All the troubles disappear instantly depressed..

Wednesday,Gave friends 閒聊,Say the wrong words,Very sorry。Has made the same mistake three times,It is not to,So bored mood for a few days…

Morning,And a maintenance engineer to chat,That next month he will have to leave。Rare encounter talk to the people,Then to say goodbye, And this is not the first back。Think - sometimes cherish the hard-won friendship is like,Do not try too much..

Tomorrow,To ride to Beitou,Hope to be able to relax the whole person。

Oct 14
The way?
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Yesterday checked Taipower's list,The results had expected - exam,Not much disappointed hearts,Actually began to worry about how to get way ahead。MIS is currently doing,But always think the future development of this road is limited,So every day thinking, "My future is in what?"

Just check some national examination information,With some contradictory ideas,Trouble is when,Suddenly realized that I really think too much。Now it just to find a job,MIS field for understanding but not a lot,And my mobility are far lower than thinking,Do not like to think about,First in line to do this for a while,and more reading,Enrich their experience with the idea,And other information melon head long enough,Go to think about the future of the road,Such judgments will be made more correct now!

Just recently a tap too often computer,See if you can see some of these time-Norwegian book,And I have not had to touch the bookcase book it!

Sep 25

Recent days to get up at six in the morning,Morning, in addition to a journal outside,Everywhere on the Internet to see articles and information。Often in the search data,Derived another theme doubt,Therefore, when access to complete themes or information,Has in the past few hours。In the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in a row,Several morning, I do not know want to do something,The feeling on the network netizens 8 Chengdu disappeared,於不 reason people return small 鄉的 緣故 這是 當然,Author 閒晃 several people standing on the street network Ryoryo Yes only remembered feeling 這讓 people,And I,One of them is that。

IM list,Few Online,Para newspaper article but also an interval of a few hours before a new topic,-Mail newsletter feeling several holiday go,Sent several letters to the mail will have probably have to wait until tomorrow to respond to the future。Yesterday find HEMiDEMi with funP some popular themes view,Slightly to pass some time,And today? ,The same article,What should I do? Looking at the screen staring ...。Most holidays are morning people choose to nest in the quilt,Or go out to stroll tap,I was the only such heavy computer users (A house!?) Would choose playing with a little mouse with a long tail。

Change!?I have in the trial,But I still need some time to think。Man is a social animal life,Although the network I have a richer experience than a lot of people and experience,But after all, I can not rely on these gadgets to dinner,This is a very realistic。

Electric 腦,What a love-hate relationship stuff ah ...

Aug 22

GE also turned up yesterday postponed,With friends (or S-sir) chat,Decided not to play,Give yourself a break,In addition to the game is a bit rich enough outside,To end packaging and testing next week (heard) is also a factor。After deciding not finish,Both do not know to do anything sudden burst of feeling,Although the fact is there are things to do waiting for their own,However, no interest is what!

Pm closing mail,Executive sent an e-mail received when a soldier,The title is "wise man notes",Inside the column of ten o'clock,Where the first point is the "savings friendship.",Read the contents of the first point after the,Psychological sense of great feeling,Feel that they seem to keep up with a few friends about contact,And they are just online,Adjust their attitude after,Then one by one knock on the other side of the door。The process is not to say,Anyway, I think a lot of harvest,Just a thought shift,Able to affect change many things,This is what I never thought of doing it before the results。Conversation open mind without reservation is a very easy thing to do,But yesterday I really did,As much as possible to let the other side feel their own ideas,But also to try to understand each other's ideas,Rather than rely on guesswork,This feeling is really great!

A talk yesterday of 3、4Hours,Spent a lot of time,But it's worth。MSN conversation could easily waste a lot of unnecessary time,But sometimes by such non-face to face conversation,But there will be good results,But if it is speaking events,That of course is better to use the phone Hello ~

◆ wise man Conditions

A、Savings friendship

Friendship is life's most reliable warm coat。It is by your character and temperament to create,一定要好好地珍惜它,If so far,Yet few strokes,Then,From now hard to store too late。
Two、Learn to let go

This age has been allowed to mature,When you are unable to grasp the fate of some love、Some edge、 Some kind of reality,We must learn to let go。Give yourself a fresh start,As long as confidence in,Courage in; Efforts,Success in。

Three、Sowing kindness

Must be doing all they can to,Those who suffer more than you、Than you sad people feel the sun and beauty of this world。Such kindness is often sown,Inadvertently,To quote rates for the most beautiful flowers of humanity。
four、Understand music

Be sure to learn a musical instrument,It will wash your body and mind,Open your memory and imagination,But will also bring unexpected tranquility。There are also photography、Collect,They can make our life more taste。
Fives、Avoid two kinds of pain

Two bitter earthly,First, the lack of pain,Second, the love of suffering。The former premise you put effort,Put everything as a bet,Frankly wins,The defeat lightly,Fortunately, there is a certain age, this capital is making a comeback;As for the latter is arguably the most bitter in the world,Then if there is such emotion,Be sure to remove dust like like,It swept out of the heart of the house。

six、Learn to accept

Some things need to be quietly forgotten,Following a,Once on the long wisdom;Some pain and troubles have to suffer in silence;A calendar chain;Once it rich。This age should not yell like a kid again, Cried。

Seven、With grateful heart

When we attended the funeral,Some will always be filled with emotion;When we are recovering from illness,There will always treasure worth。
Gratitude must always retain,Not only does it allow you to take pity on things around objects,Can soothe the desire and the Battle, Even the feeling of happiness is often from here。
Eight、Love of work

Although it is not like drinking tea、Chat is so pleasant,But it is a test of our wisdom and ability,To let us reflect the value and achievement。Be sure to love it whole,After all, it gives you something to do most of their lives、Food to eat。
nine、Eager to learn

Reading and learning are in the chat and wisdom,Every year at least fifty books to read,It not only ensures your memory、Sensibility,Also allows you to maintain a personalized charm,This is yoga for beauty effect can not be achieved。
ten、Enjoy sports

Make good use of time for exercise、Enjoy nature。Your weight will not rise because of laziness,Your looks will not result in reduced vivid years,Somewhat more to save youth、Happy and healthy。

Jul 21
Most people do not know what their problem,And I think I differ with others,I only can see other people's problems,You can also see where their problems! Obviously I am quite proud of this trait,But I will not do to correct the problem for me,If that happens,I will no different with those who do not know their own problems of people,那我還在那邊得意個什麼勁?
Jul 15
  距離考試剩下20天,要玩的也玩了,To be the lazy lazy enough;Computer hung up,勵志書籍也看了幾本去了,接下來,除了用功,別無選擇,也不該有其他選擇!

  忍耐吧~孩子,等20天過後,想玩的就盡情的玩,To lazy to go along with you。Do not let your rest of my life,栽在這20天裡!

May 26

Chatted with sister,Talk to the most recent point of view for what's happening at home。He felt that I was a frog,沒出過社會,想法太單純,The sister also said so earlier I。Maybe,不過我只是一時無法把對於他人的評價方式套用在自己親人身上,而且是一個從小到大,I believe most、Reverence。I thought,也許是因為我被洗腦太久了,So in the face of him,In the light of consciousness is everything,Resulting in abnormal judgment。But,I believe this is because the heart sincerely hope that all this is caused by misunderstanding,Even,It is impossible…………………..

May 13



Apr 6

It has been trying to take two days to read,I do not know is not too long reading,Fast or too eager to seek,Has no way to continue the reading,Look for some time wanted to pause,Because computers do not have to install the game,So probably will invariably visit the Internet,But at the same time the heart has been urging myself to read,So in fact too busy Internet,These circumstances have been so kind to repeat occurrence…

When seniors,There was a dark period,At that time, whether schoolwork、Special topic、Exams are a mess,The entire state fell to the bottom,Then when you hear certain songs,Emotions often involuntary whole crashes。Yesterday deliberately find some MSN conversations recorded before deliberately reserved,Inside was for a friend tell me the situation of dialogue,I let myself remember how miserable time,Remind myself not to repeat the same mistakes,To learn lessons。

Now for me,Be back to square one,Let me a chance to start again,I have to take advantage of,Before sweeping away the haze,Reverse situation,I only hope the future。If I do not hard enough,That I'm alive…..There meaning?