Modify the default boot sequence rEFind

After the change of Manjaro Linux,Also put together by the grub multi-boot program into rEFind,rEFind picture look good compared to a lot of grub,So I quite like。After using several,Power Windows default are found,In addition to playing the game because I,Other operations are carried out in Manjaro,So trying to change the default options Manjaro,A good choice to reduce the time that Mimi。


1. In”/boot/efi/EFI/refind/”Found under "refind.conf"。


2. After root privileges to open,Search”default_selection”,Several examples can be found set,I was using "default_selection “+,bzImage,vmlinuz”」,Time you turn on the operating system selected by default choose。


3. Alternatively, you can search”timeout”,Adjust the countdown time。



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