CISCO(Linksys) SGE2010 設定LAG

CiscoCISCO(Linksys) SGE2010 LAG set Writing:


  1. Bridging -> VLAN Management -> Interface Settings -> LAGs,將目的LAG(如LAG1)The Interface VLAN Mode changed by Access Trunk。
  2. Bridging -> VLAN Management -> VLAN to Port,確認各目的port(Such as g43、G44)的VLAN設定為預設的VLAN1(否則下一步驟會出錯)。
  3. Bridging -> Port Management -> LAG Management,The g43、g44 added LAG1,並勾選LACP(因多port做Trunk,如果未勾選,網路會不通)。


  • Step 2. Each port of Mode selected with Trunk Access Jieke。

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