Clonezilla Live ‧ 可 替代 Ghost 的 备份 工具

  Been looking for a free backup tool to replace the Ghost,Previously tried several support programs,Once got XP almost hang,The end is still to give up。Later, in a particular linux Forum (forget the Debian or ubuntu) see friends mentioned Clonezilla this stuff,So he lit me a glimmer of hope。

A company to redo a computer to test something,Want to say first the original system back up,To prepare for contingencies,随即 想起 Clonezilla live,并 决定 就 用 Clonezilla live 来 备份 吧!

Clonezilla live 有 中文 介面,Hard disk partition is a bit the concept is very easy to use,Commonly used as backup for the Drive Drive、Magnetic domain magnetic domain and image file backup support Jie,Clonezilla live 不仅 可 做成 开机 光碟,Can also be copied to the flash drive and through it to boot。

I have been through the success of Clonezilla live backup / copy / restore a few times,Really easy to use use,The official website has been detailed explanation,So I do not do test shots.。In addition there is the official website of Chiayi County, Wu network produced "Clonezilla Live to backup and restore Windows systems" page link,The content is also very rich and practical,Can make more use。


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