Delphi 学习 手札(Three) – Ping Tool

Two weeks before the company network architecture major renovations,So busy bee,在修改print server的IP時,Two very machine crooked,Yuzuru not break our destination 是 one start,After 好 來改 after,Becomes idle for a period of time as long as,He will be disconnected,One integer heaven 試了,Finally abandoned,I grabbed a small program,Let the program on the Server every 30 seconds on the print server to ping it。

Later wanted to try to write a similar function in the program,I really did not expect to come out of the assembly,Today is going to post a job ~ Ping Tool


Results of the:
Main picture

按下"倒數計時"鈕後,Enter the time window appears

Countdown begins

Count to 0:00,Ping window will appear,In front of the code written for the ping twice just to make this window appear,If only one ping,Windows appear immediately on missing,A chance to see the content

Then he returned to the value just entered the countdown continues

The program features the very common,Be biased towards practicality,After writing,I feel pretty good,The idea of ​​the program because I wanted to learn from the first occurrence when,As is hoping to write tools they want to use,After a lapse of more than a decade,Finally have begun。

Is a pity that,This be done in a patchwork way,The idea is to appear,And then how to use the Internet to find the syntax,Some are labeled with a copy,So feel inadequate mastery。But constantly try & error process is still much to learn some concepts,Acceptable or friends ~

I do not know why there is big enough to perform file,11MB ,Available research again。

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