dhcp  前陣子公司開放行動裝置可自由使用wifi網路,在設定好相關網路設定後,實際執行卻發生設備在取得IP時,往往要等待很長的時間,有時還會超過一分鐘以上,Can not even get IP。


  上網搜尋相關資訊,得到的結論是此現象發生的原因一般有兩個,一是若wifi訊號穩定度較差,May cause the device to be repeated in a short time the IP address obtained from DHCP Server,Who were DHCP Server rejected。Another scenario is the route to go through too many nodes,Delayed due to the relationship makes DHCP Server ignores the device request。


In my situation, it,Whether wired or wireless will happen to get any IP issue,Therefore, the first factor can be ignored。After a review of the company network architecture,Try to send IP devices connected to Core Switch Ethernet cable change,Sure enough, I did not expect to solve the problem in one fell swoop,Client devices can be completed within a few seconds of action to obtain an IP, Therefore, the same problem if people,Try to simplify the network nodes to begin。



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