Reach hard to open 碟 找不,Warm boot or normal

A while back, deal with a particular situation,User reaction every morning boot will not open,畫面會出現「DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER」,And after normal reboot。

Tried to change the hard disk、Transducer cable,Shi-ku, sunset. Other feedback solution feed type machine 號主 Ren 換同,After the last study Shisai,Guess is that when the BIOS detect the hard disk,Hard disk has not been completed to start the job,Therefore not detected,When users press Ctrl + Old + From 暖 开机 时,Hard disk has long been completed to start,Naturally no problem。

點 theory of self-completion mark for testimony,He wanted for ways to delay the time point of the BIOS detect the hard disk,Set the computer's BIOS project more streamlined,Therefore can not way to do through the setting of a complete memory check delay,Master of 碟機 Jump 將光 試著 last modified deposition,The hard disk into a Slave,Through the first detection action disc player to win this time to 0.0 seconds。

- Test results,Did not think I was right,Only delay the time so,Solve this difficult problem,Loose a big breath,After speculation,Machine after the BIOS update 號主 該型 應是,Plus some of the hard disk of the series,That has caused this problem comes up。

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