EasyTAG—解決Rhythmbox tag亂碼問題

ubuntu 升 上 8:04 后,On a whim to replace the built-in Rhythmbox Audacious as the mp3 player tools,But has encountered while loading the label almost all garbled,Only a small portion of the newer file tag is identifiable。After climbing some articles online,才了解原來Rhythmbox是以utf-8來抓ID3v2-2.4,Most of my files tag are Big5,Only late foobar2000 write is utf-8 format,So a bunch of gibberish situation will occur。

Lottery how to give a standard tool available on the street network 以找 轉換 reach several species,Finally, I chose to use EasyTAG。I have been there on mp3 file name of doing finishing,So I used the file name as updated labels of origin。After exploring a little time,Will be very easy solution (Fortunately no one stroke to change it,Originally intended to do so miles!)。Program is a Chinese interface,I believe we can be very easy to get started。

  • 取得EasyTAG

        sudo apt-build install easytag

  • Click on "Scan" - "label fill"。Point under the "Help" will explain the parameters,Fill in the label format in accordance with demand,After confirmation will write tag。After all changing for the better,That will save the file written by the archives。

Update after remember Rhythmbox want to reload the track,Will correctly display the Chinese!

Other,I am looking for information,See an ID3 tag and player support the case made a very detailed description of,Interested people can go to learn to understand。


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