Use Java components through Firefox

In Firefox 52 After using the Java version of the blockade on the elements,The reason is not safe,And most feature is not through the Java plug-in can be reached,But for some of the old equipment management interface,Have to use Java or not,Spent some time yesterday,Finally successfully using Firefox + Switch the setting to modify Java。

Since Firefox is from 52 Java version to start blockade,So we went directly to the download 51 Version,It should be noted here is sure to download the 32bit version,64 Bit Java will not start correctly。

The download is complete,Install,start up 51 After version of Firefox,First remember "Options" - "Advanced" - "Update",Setting”Do not check for updates”,Avoid automatic updates to Firefox in the background 56 Version,Once you reopen the browser,It is unable to execute a Java。


after finishing,As long as the console Java security has a good job,Plus version Yes,To normal browsing destination page。


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