Open the Windows AutoPlay feature

Generally insert a flash drive or CD,Windows will pop up a window,Ask "Did you want Windows to perform which action?" Menu,Professor Shi-ku, 你如 這功 ability 關閉 what Professor Manabu large partial road network,Microsoft security reasons,After an update,These functions to shut up。

Ability of success for 也沒 確實 來說 對我 automatic 播放 這個,Until the donated space activities before carrying out Dropbox,Yuzuru demanded that input when 碟插 隨身,The auto play menu, select the Dropbox—「Import picture and videos」,Dropbox automatically upload media files,To complete action。Therefore had to find how to make this effort to restore function。

But to find a lot of no use,Including Group Policy change、Check the AutoPlay settings, etc.,Change key part also tried several,Finally found the key to the machine code as follows:

找到 NoDriveTypeAutoRun 機碼,The default value is 16-bit FF,This DWORD value into a 16-bit 91,Press OK to reboot。

Only after the value or may be changed back,So next time if not any menu,Then come in to change。

USB flash drive, auto play menu but not – Bora red days ambrette

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