Error record 000000b8

Colleagues reaction computers Zhongguan,Only install QQ、Software input method,It happened automatically reboot the case,And whether or not in operation,Are likely to be re-opened。The original judgment should be a higher probability of hardware problems,I did not expect the last murderer is QQ。

QQ in a version,Function of the keyboard encryption technology,Designed to prevent the entry of the password has been skimming,But this conception of good technology,But the case of a crash occurs in some USB keyboard,QQ official also provide solutions—QQ after 關閉,npkcusb.sys under Remove Programs directory、npkcrypt.sys three files to and npkcrypt.vxd。

Also in the DELL forum mentioned,Install QQ,Can choose not to install the keyboard encryption controls to avoid this problem,Other solutions,Links can refer below。


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