Some fields looming Excel

excelBreath the same problem recently encountered three,In Excel archives,Some fields will not see the value of,But after clicking,In the top of the input box and see,The double-tap to enter the edit mode,Display to normal,But next re-open the file,Numerical disappeared again。


  這個問題在Windows 7及8皆會發生,Excel version is from XP、2003To 2007 has encountered,除了上述的狀況,部份的症狀則是在下拉頁面時,欄位資料一下出現一下消失,In addition,Word table flicker is also possible that the same problem。

  會造成此問題跟Windows的ClearType設定有關,在ClearType設定的步驟2/4 (Windows 7),不可以選擇最左上角的項目,就可以解決此問題,Windows 8共有五個步驟,印象是在3/5不可選擇左上角的項目,另外一個方式是直接關掉ClearType,But doing so will become more fonts that look good。



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  1. ngd Says |

    這篇文章超讚 多謝分享

    Xie Xie 您:)

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  2. iceman Says |

    太厲害了!I have encountered this problem。

    真的解掉了,But you can find this solution out of the way more powerful。


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  3. Jeanie Says |

    太利害. iciban . 這個問題困擾我一整天,  Really thank you.  



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  4. babyR Says |



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