Ext2 IFS – 在Windows上讀取Ext3/Ext2格式的硬碟

Ubuntu 7.10 can already directly access the Windows NTFS file system format,倒是 XP 预设 还是 无法 识别 Linux 的 Ext2/Ext3,But still can be assisted by other programs to achieve this goal,As described in this Ext2 IFS。

The usage is very simple,在安裝完Ext2 IFS後,在控制台會新增一「IFS Drivers」選項,Here can give Ext2/Ext3 split the slot to produce a drive letter,Disk access to complete normally set。


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  1. jj Says |

    請問 large large,XP SP2 安装 了 Ext2IFS_1_11.exe
    Also set the drive letter(Format to Ext3),But using File Explorer data but still can not see and read and write。
    A set back 嗎 需哪 feedback?
    Ask how to format a USB in XP SP2 4G SD card for Ext3,Which set of software can do。Partition Magic can format a USB 8.0 hard drive does not support SD card。

  2. JJ Says |

    Get a…安装 Ext2fsd-0.46.exe can see the information of the Ext3 disks、OF、And Chinese directory data read and write no problem ㄋ awesome,Ext2IFS_1_11.exe another set of software installation re-boot so no matter still can not read the Ext3 drive,Will appear error message Ext3 disk is not formatted…Ext2fsd 就是 比较 强 ㄎ ㄎ
    But still not found the format a USB 4G SD card for Ext3…Win2fsV0.1.zip installation process can not install damaged file are displayed、Alas

  3. Josh Says |

    I am the same problem occurred with the upstairs JJ,
    Originally use Ext2IFS to read Ext3 format external hard drive no problem,
    BT machine to use Ubuntu to download some files,
    And then received a WinXP sp3 will not be able to read(The same error message:Unformatted disk),
    Another use of the software can not read explore2fs;
    后来 换 安装 Ext2fsd,Normal read Hello!
    I also use the experience to Moderator reference to look at offer。

  4. Josh Says |

    So you're saying is that the first use the e2fsck sweep time under Linux,
    And then received the Win XP to read it?
    Time I also try,Xie Xie。

  5. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    My environment is the same with you,同為SP2及Ext3
    But did not encounter the problems you say!
    Hand did not flash drive,So there is no way to help you test
    Sorry Oh ~~

  6. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Xie Xie 你 ~ 訊哦 provide an investment

  7. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Xie Xie capital 訊 an offer 您
    I just official website checked,This problem seems to be through the e2fsck command(Similar to scandisk)Resolution,At present, I have not tested,Nursing 試看 來測 organic 會再

  8. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    West drops ~~
    the e2fsck use must first uninstall the disk
    Detail as possible - use google 哦 method under a

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