Inter-segment file sharing

Want to share a directory in the XP environment under,Habitual in the folder right click select "Sharing and Security" set sharing permissions and confirm the firewall file and printer sharing exception setting open to,This is a way to share in the general environment,If the network environment contains more than one network segment,You need to do is set。

XP built-in firewall file sharing set up an exception,設成 exception of stage IP network having only 將同 Minoru 設其 deposit,If the cross-segment,Shi blockade living 會被 feedback,If the file you want to share a different segment of the computer,To the firewall exceptions list part,Adjusted according to the following steps:

File and Printer Sharing "point" edit ",Select an individual port in 擇其,Click on the "change field",Inside the default is "Only my network(Subnet)」,Here to re-election "any computer(Included in the Internet)」,Or choose "custom list",Self-range input network segment。The remaining three port also enter the same setting,Press OK。

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