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Use Firefox to subscribe a number of technology column has been my habit for many years,Thereby make their way to master some new information with technology-related,However, recently upgraded to Firefox 64 After edition,Actually informed the RSS subscription feature removed,Naturally this feature usage presumably not high,Mozilla will resolutely remove this feature,Fortunately, Firefox is the most convenient rich plugins,So then on the Add-ons search,Quite unexpectedly after a few test,I do not meet the needs of,來想 likely after,Perhaps because it was originally built Firefox features,It should not be too someone will have to develop an original function,So temporarily give up。


After an interval of several days,Search online,The result was at Reddit see friends in the discussion related events,On the downside there was very active users in reply to whether there tried Livemarks this add-on,Immediately download and install a trial,Finally reached my needs,In fact, I demand is very simple,Is that you can subscribe,I have read and mark topics,That's enough。Livemarks seems only recently developed,Should be 64 Remove the RSS version of the function and the development of,Well thank author。



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