Firefox comes with an excellent use web development tool

A while back, forget what,Point to the Firefox Web Developer Option,After several 試了 section,Found this "test",For me this half-baked website maintainer really great help。

Now a majority of the pages are changed htm css Type,Css syntax with html not too different,But no WYSIWYG development tools assisted,The process of learning css's always a lot of time to try。So like when you modify blog layout,Often will change later will look,Because it is to try a little tired。

Firefox "detection" function in the "tools" - "Web Development" under,Can also hotkey Ctrl + Shift + I call out。


After 檢測 schematic entry,Screen with the framework of the the cursor display now belongs,The right side of the screen will show off the frame of the current parameter information。If you want to make some changes,Can directly modify the values ​​of the right of,Or directly cancel the syntax,To the left of the screen to see the results after amending immediately,Etc. confirm End To modify parameters,Go back to modify the code。

One came 這樣,Can not only significantly reduce maintenance time,But can also enhance the accuracy of the modified results,Through this,也 终于 让 我 网 志 部份 一些 不协调 的 版面 得以 修正,I more love with Firefox,Ha。

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