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You may have seen one kind of composition by thumbnail photos to enlarge,In appreciation of more than,Can not help but be curious - "This is how to do?"

One answer is that this software Foto-Mosaik,In particular, this seemingly magical software is free too!
以下step by step說明:

After installation,Implementation of the program,First greeted by the welcome screen,Zan PressNextCarry on

The first time you use,We 們先 Kenichi individual materials warehouse,TickAdd pictures to database"And clickto a new database"And enter the name of the database。

Pictures from a local folder」:Show manufacturing (This example, select this) from a ready-made picture
Pictures from a movie」:Representation made by the screen capture video

Select the location of the picture to be added to the repository。
If you checked "Include subdirs in search."Means all subdirectories under the directory that contains the。
If you checked "Show preview」,Will establish a database of the process,邊瀏 覽每 Zhang 圖片 (此舉 Concert impact Ken 置資 fee warehouse specific speed)

Click "Open」,Select primary photo。(That is, to see that big of a whole)
Nami於 "Choose"Setting export result 檔的 Sonho position

Check the newly established library


Number of titles」:A small amount of background map。The greater the number,The effect will be better,Complete figure is also higher resolution。
Which format should the titles」:Select a style;Respectively"Horizontal」、「Straight」、「Square"They are。
Size of title」:Small size map。(The system will automatically determine)
Maximum」:Each panel repetition rate used。If the sources are not enough,This value may have to set up a little more!

FIG main proportion of the background adjusted。Adjust the slider,And press "Preview"You can preview the results on the left

You're done!,Go and look at the results chant ~

Oh ~ Is it not have a flavor

參考資料:~ Cool taste Station ~
Official website:http://www.sixdots.de/mosaik/en/index.php
Direct download:http://www.sixdots.de/mosaik/en/startdownload.php

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