This is a VCD disc creation / burning software,The latest version is 3.1.0,2.0Later versions have been changed to pay,Therefore, the recommended final version free:。

VCDEasy itself contains Chinese language,User interface at a glance,Very easy to use。But there is a small drawback VCDEasy,It seems to only know English MPEG files,DAT is not even eat,But do not worry,There MPEG DAT turn gadgets within software,So long as the first complete file conversion before making and action can change the file name!

The vast majority of free CD burning software are free VCD production capabilities,VCDEasy can come in handy at this time Hello!

Official website:http://www.vcdeasy.org/modules.php?name=_WhatIsIt&item=VCDEasy
Direct download:http://homepage19.seed.net.tw/web@1/lijohnson/VCDEasy_v1.1.5.2_Setup.exe

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