Fertility the cavalry island line Day1 Taipei(Store)-Ilan(Suao)—D-Day

發的 這天 out throughout the final 於來,CHI Fusaku luck,Yes 臉 sun exposure,Associated mood is also good

Six in his early,Cellphone ringing,Liao fertilizer called,Han!?People in the downstairs
Send line feed our child 竟然 跑來 這小,Return true throughout our 沒想

Sahara few,To continue to prepare the first line
Liao fat then began to pat his camera..

The Globe Trekker with me the second generation Red ~ A Sima

The day before departure,Think of some idea,Take this action,Dan 扛棒 a new world fertilizer supply 招告 將增 way forward

Dry food ready before departure,After fixed keep two of chocolate on the body,Get a true 餓不 sitting far enough

體力 supplementation for completion,Prepared several network recommended Shiquandabu banana
Facts have proved that,Find relatively resistant to digestion chocolate would be more practical

Portmanteau very simplified,On such a package,After the other riders see very surprised

Looks nothing morale I

Sandals alone.,Toss me one night,Really get in the way
But good luck,The whole did not spend

Liao fat…You shoot some in the future to cherish the memory of this..

Come to want to cherish the memory of the memory of it took this

AM 07:30
發 out preparation

Finally a photo prior to departure

Taipei-Ilan on the road,That bikers care about is roundabout
燈不 夠亮 before 醒我 provide feedback,Suhua tunnel may be dangerous
倒不 擔心 這我,Because the brightest I have not come up to na ~ ~
But it turned out the worry is unnecessary,The tunnel was not so dark it..

AM 09:00
Small case head 來到,Everything goes smoothly,Cars on the road a little too much,A bit noisy

AM 09:50
Down to the Pinglin,重 机 真的 是 爆炸 多 的,Hundreds With,Did not stay for long,Agero 隨即 舒跑 kiln purchase completion

Not long departure from Pinglin,The thigh near the knee at fast cramp situation,Stopped on the roadside slightly massage
Awakening 會的 Cultural Foundation provides 於新 Kan,We issue special attention 體能 Island 兩天 a ring head
Try to make the body without any problems,Hao Suhua to meet the next day

After physical condition is very good all the way,Once think today should be able to easily cross the border
In the long and the Taipei-Ilan, Block P on the way,The physical start a little tight,Think how not to Mile..
Also recharge action,Although not hungry,Under the replenishment force one stop 克 點巧 來吃 under 是 return

Gu a castle one 處林 head 靠近 是 這裡,Seedlings training center near government units
I like this place,Feels great

PM 12:23
Finally came to the desert oasis to head city of the commanding heights of Lookout
Netto Collection Adobe Web one image each city governor 是 這兒

Weather to the side by Sunny transferred cloudy out

The next to go Twists and Turns

PM 13:18
Under one family enjoyed a love 酥麵 fish powder 來到 區我 city
吃 a time 經過 Dan 增肥 當年 是 這家,Shark smoke praise miles!

So 80 yuan to cheap chant

旁 resting one car standing..

The Yilan road can often see the green rice fields,The other person feel good

After the way to Suao,Much longer than I expected
Not challenging Ping Road,I gradually loses patience
Plus in order to retain physical,Has been to slow down
And then to find it riding slow,10 hour old…Simply in the shopping thing
But still does not try to be brave,Slow gave him slow..
Is unconscious after riding slowly forward
Ass pain..

To mention that
Ilan road instructions do quite clear,Do not be afraid to go wrong,讚 one other essential feed 這點

Ken police station after reaching 來找,Ryouichi 些水 requirements go away,Ah sir quite politely
Wed primary requirements go 警局 這是,Will hesitate at first want to stop loading ~ will be shy.
After days,看到 警局 的 盾牌 好像 看到 什么 一样,Immediately rushed to uh

Then rode around four o'clock,Finally came to Suao For lodging location to Heart steak
Want to say the first day, reward yourself,Eat steak of B & ~ results boss now only concentrate on operating B & Bs in the
To go out and look for food..

Are ready to go out,Chance encounter five friends in Hong Kong,Made a special trip to Taiwan around the island
Ten other three 了 數第 們倒 是 已經 這天,Su 而已 flower under Tsuyoshi
Everybody talked very happy,Exchange some experiences,們拍 些照 幫他 preparation
We request information 簽名 Zhang ocean one another out 們拿 這時,See Kazuki return beat sense fraction
Kazakhstan to really interesting

Signature,SFI group to sign in.,The other wonder
I responded that "I also have a team of Na to just me to Pathfinder about ~ ha ha ha"
Really an interesting chat

Autograph it to the way marketing fattening group!

Fab Five Bike Tour to praise

Together together ~ ~

Then find a Fulong lunch,Ordered a chicken leg lunch
Future almost every meal to eat chicken lunch ~ Oh

Rest at night in the B & B,With one of the other fighter to be one roundabout to Ah Wei
The more violent he is riding a small fold na ~ ~ ~
Chat Hao while,Coincidentally, our career turned out to be the same
He also told me had intended to steak night ~ Oh

Then there is the leg rest it to the first day on some sun to

My small room ~ sparrow…Enough friends
Fusaku an inn 蠻 這間,Washing machines and other equipment,Proprietress also tomatoes miles

Spend today:
Live in 300 yuan,$ Shupao 25,Lunch 80 yuan,Dinner 80 yuan,A total of 485 yuan

Today mileage:94.6km,Average 12.8km,Cheng ride time 7:20

Taipei-Ilan difficulty:★★★★

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