Fertility Iron Horse Hike Day2 Ilan(Suao)-Hualien(Ji'an)Flowers - Su,Hello samples

Suhua unknown,關鍵 firmament of the highest order under our 這天 Tay
I thought ~ as long as it closed their,Ryoichi most complete ring 就過 Island(Of course .. this is to motivate yourself, then)

The ultimate goal of this island laid down to complete the roundabout "
Another own requirements do not ride at night,Try to stay around the four-point point
(帛搞 last 砸了 fertilizer under 這個 request ..)
因此這天就將手機調到五點morning call

點出 kindled about six 莫,Starting when the other riders homoclinic ready to go
Everyone gave Tomo other island ring,Second for 這趟
As the speed with friends,The friend was last night arrived in South Australia
After small talk about,Then each starting

出發先去吃個早餐,Point of a hamburger(After almost every day in Hamburg ..)
30Yuan,That is not cheap,After several genius 發現 來的,In fact, 30 is not expensive..

AM 06:30
On the Su-Hua Highway,The sky, like cloudy,The side of the road hurriedly photographed harbor scene

Su flower top road 怕的 landlord 這是,Next to the road width,Therefore to be careful riding

AM 07:35
After one hour,Conquer the first mountain,The commanding heights of just a flat land,People can stop and enjoy what

The elderly and Ma

Fertility group Mark shot at this point of view particularly handsome

Care of non-line flat Kiyomi reach completion fog

Flowers along the coast of Su true 很美

A person can only be self-timer..

After all the way downhill to the East Australia
Downhill,Speed ​​soared to 52km,Yes 點秀 Doo feedback 碼表
Over 50 will often automatically halved,Become 25、26…

When going downhill,Once heard Asma making a strange sound
Worry about it,Down to view East Australia immediately after the
Turned out to be the bag strap hanging to the ground to wheels,The entire worn 1/3
Proceed removed 沒捲 Yoshiyuki good standing,Otherwise the consequences could be disastrous

Lower East Australian,See this view of the warning signs
Line 9 in the urban areas of East Australia,Off to one side primary schools

Then soon on the second mountain

The mountains, not long after,變速的timing不對,Turned off the chain

Fortunately, just a little bit so that the corner of my Joe

To this,Difficulty of reach Su-sensitive flowers start,Heart for Suhua the difficulty of evaluation gradually rise in
The night before the legacy of sore buttocks and legs frequently in trouble
I thought the island can not be transmission change to the most low-grade,Switch down at this time
Then,Can only rely on willpower to support

Head emerges Slamdunk three of the most classic of the word ~ ​​"I am the Mitsui Life! Men never give up…!」
(Yes,To the people of the island you remember to read the Slam Dunk,會有 幫助)
"Do not .. can .. put .. abandoned ..,Completion of the cumulative capital 撐過 past re-,Must hold over
Just hold this belief,Author of slow progress

AM 08:47
After a while efforts,To the second mountain, the commanding heights of ~ the new Australia tunnel
The new Australian tunneling older,燈光 較暗,Wed 會漏 feedback
But go in the whole is cool,Because of the cold and finally uphill! ~ ~
Unconsciously speed had risen to over thirty ~ Oh

Out of the tunnel was surprised to find a downhill,Yes!!Has challenged the two mountains

Down as soon as the South Australian,Shu Pao supplies about to buy a tank in South Australia,Legend flight feeding individual 廖肥 簡訊 order,"I am a small three,Never give up, man. "

Then the face of today's final difficulty(Thinks),The third mountain
The road began to encounter other island riders,Cheer with each other
Although the three P is lower than a,But the fatigue index is a matter of course than a high
Faced with the endless uphill, and the hot sun,Really a great torment
At this time ~ had then Xiao San broadcast in the head called out several times

No mounds on 盡的

BBQ in

AM 10:10
Our high-end 點 於抵,But the mountain is not the same,Arrive at comparable non-smooth high 點後 就下
But still some ups and downs of mountain
Therefore, the psychological still can not relax,Still torment

3 above,This are the ever-undulating cliff road

AM 11:00
Oshita completion of the final mountain tridentate,Han 來到 站 this car

After sunset,Not too much to relax,Because at this time have realized that slightly wrong
1.Friends are said to have four mountain,But prior to departure, has been can not find where the fourth is,The first three are broken 200 meters
Shimizu cliff that period, at best, only 100 meters,And all the ups and downs,Require special set at a P?
2.Last night riders say the next day to Hualien Metro,I want only to Hualien City
Metro with urban areas not adjacent,City of reach for non-區較 Netto what?
3.The network said Suhua 11 tunnel,Ryozo seat over our mountain,Only to see a tunnel,Yes 哪 ten current feedback?

Yuxiang Yu felt that I seemed too absorbed in the first three mountain,Ignore the part of the back of
Masaru Takumi individual power this car 站吃 Han Jae 於是,Re out a good look at the
Obtain a complete non-nursing crawling,The original behind the mountain undulating,However, there are 30km in length as much as
To urban areas, then there is 50km away

More feelings worse case,Simply put away the information,No longer to see the distance of the points
Tunnel destination 數 calculated decision,Also the distance operator finished look
Start d from the strength to fight the next stinking long way

PM 12:00
Second individual who arrives at the far tunnel exit 於看,Eternal peace 應該 這邊

PM 12:25
Shimizu 斷崖 來到,The sky is less bright,Pray in my heart to not let it rain ~ ~

Bad weather,Coast or the United States

招牌 扛棒 這個 rated Taroko 來到,Shimookoshi drizzle start,The tourists finished on the flash,To find people to help me shoot ~ Unfortunately,

PM 13:04
Out of the last(Second individual 倒數 是 feedback?)Tunnel,Zonta tunnel ~ call

PM 13:26
Ohashi Taroko 於看 see the final,Next, Ping Lu
Hit the phone to the mother..
I:"Mom - I'm alive."
Mother:"You rely on waist Oh."

In fact, pain is not over yet
Bridge over Taroko after completion,From the city for some road(I think this is the reason we live in the Metro)
It is also in front of day,Buryo flat tract of,Problems of of all Tuisuan pain in the ass and climb up the body
The focus this time also did not eat,Second recharge on the road after some dry food is the constant hurry

Later when he ran into the brother of an Aboriginal faint sound of "Come"
Hearts could not help but smile,Really good and lovely
Unfortunately, that time is hurry,There is no stop to take a picture taken

PM 14:25
City gu 沒到 feedback…Miaodao police station shields,Immediately turn into the lane to beg for water to drink
Yoshikazu 會兒 聊了 sir 跟阿 來還 after,Of other recent car 站在 哪 們 來問 這就 說有 些人 other cavalry arrives,Frozen does not bar ~ O

就下 rain caused a long time after 來了 沒多 來騎

He ran into a few today had several riders,Mutual hello
A year, nearly 60 Arbor,Told me that he has ring three times ~ ~ "chicken strips hug wow riding ga a love of riding ..
~ Small talk after,We needed other Toshuku mausoleum 聽到,Immediately recommended me to SilkAir Palace,Really enthusiastic

Farewell,Mouth when an individual tract 岔路 鄉的 Jian 區與 往市 cavalry arrives
See Uncle parked on the roadside,I ride past he waved his hand, I stopped to
說的 other mausoleum housing complaint we needed a par 如果,Go out into the right turn,No longer into the city to detour
Wow ~ really very touched.,Arbour said the temple of this information I am prepared to
But I mistakenly thought it was in the urban areas,Almost take one more injustice Wang Road ~ really appreciate it

AM 15:20
Ji-an Township,Snacks 找到 governor of calculation,Until now eat lunch .. fainted as a whole

After came SilkAir Palace,是 關的 卻都 gate(Later found out that I went to the people back door ~ Ha)
To go straight to the data between the next ~ naive Shing Temple,Two distance a bridge,But to no one
Dial-a-,The other said to no longer provide accommodation
Fortunately, I have information prepared,And then go to the next between ~ Holy Land Cihui Tang,SilkAir Palace next door to
Having obtained housing completion calculation governor 這回

Night staying at the ~ soldier fu ~ O

房间 较为 老旧,However, ~ good enough!
Maintained very grateful,You say is the chant ~

Luggage placed properly,Out to eat a fried rice,Went back to the room to rest
Look at the code table,Today's mileage Pobai,Over one hundred flat fracture path running past 也沒
Yamaji-propelled one hundred 這回 fracture feedback,Really speaking to
However, successfully challenged the hardest on to this,The mood is still very happy

Other,Suhua evaluation,My feeling is that
"There is no imaginary danger of,Hard but better than imagined. "
是 governor repeatedly warning of 誡其 危險 對蘇 flower street network
Undeniable ride this is indeed to be careful
But never disturbed to ride the unstable,That is a dangerous thing
In principle, control their own stability,To listen to instead of looking back
In short - "control of your leading,Take the way you go,Suhua In fact, there is no terrorist

至于 清水 那段,I underestimated him
Later I found,Adjustment of mentality is very important
The once tireless 當你,Will be riding very painful

Other,Ping Lu, and up and down the road
For me,Than the climb up is also suffering..

Spend today:
Breakfast 30 yuan,$ Shupao 25,Lunch noodles 45 yuan,100 Places to Stay,Dinner chow mein 65,A total of 265 yuan

Today mileage:101km,An average of 14.3km,Cheng riding time:7hour

Su-Hua difficulty:★★★★☆

Iron ass completion:80%,Iron legs completion:70%

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