Day4 Taitung, fattening Iron Horse Hike(Guanshan)-Taito(Dawu)- Taimali next door..

Today, the same early morning less than ready to get up at five o'clock
Nearly six o'clock,Abba 也起 來了
Good morning to the master channel sound and prepares for downhill

Down the mountain,Outside under a light rain
Some cold weather,Some steep slope,Wild dogs noisy enough..

Yamashita 來到,The rain stopped,The ground is actually still dry..
Give him a bit too big change..
Found between breakfast shop,Ah…And Hamburg

AM 06:20
Yes 這種 flower supply Yukaku 觀賞 sea 關山 Atae Ikegami Taito-ku,,Seems still free,I feel pretty good

Eating to supermarkets supply of dry food and Shupao
Hungry to once at noon the day before
Want to say is not with bread will stop hungry
But see supermarkets selling price of bread after,Seventy-seven 兩條 return 是 purchase decision..

On the road at the commercial preparation super dehiscence,To another coincidence yesterday roundabout Detachment of Women
Move on to say hello

AM 07:15
Table 9 Line 342 kilometers,Its special regulations 劃蠻 這段,I like it.

Yes 點相 similar Hualien Taitung Atae 在 Cavalry,Without quite the same
Hualien is like the rustic countryside,Sure pastoral scenery
Taitung to have a simple and primitive nature outlook

I seem to like the feeling of Taitung
Cavalry 乘時,Unconsciously heart experience side of things will calm down

這樣 就是 its eastern landscape,Looking around you can easily see the mountains in the distance
What is seen,Its nature Keibutsu 是 several 乎都

The night before to see the map,Noted line 9 will turn into Taitung City in particular
But I do not have to go to the urban areas,Therefore go around the other bars
Le ~ ~ unconsciously I was riding into town
But also a fast ride in the end only to find,Enough to throw the monkey
Encountered during many riders from downtown with my reverse line

Did not take long,了 maze 發現,Seems to have deviated from the table 9 lines good time
An inspiration,Look at the sun barely exposed in the clouds a little face
Determine azimuth,By continue Wang Dongbian riding
It really did not take long to find Highway 11
Look at the map,Probably can be connected to the station and then riding a 9

Island 這趟 ring,Some phase 關辭 vocabulary 驛站 iron horse capital 寫著 警局 Kyota Yes 發現
Welcome the tourists go in and killing a chat
One police station in Taitung(Forgot the name)
Supply a small shop Yukaku rest Ryo Tei 那種 咖啡 provide feedback Kadoguchi
There is enough enthusiasm to ha

Close to taimali,坡的 path up and down start 變成
Required return on P Street 兩個 middle

Close to the beach has begun,Get wind 很大 也變
A self urged Cavalry 乘姿 start 試著 adjustment
Previously in the forum to see the article on road bike riding posture
Usual riding will try to "understand" what,But the total is not fu

試了 heaven 這幾 next several,Ryo fu 點 於有 final
Attitude adjustment over,Allow the foot to make the force more smoothly
Due to the need to bend point waist,So the upper body will be more difficult
But let the thighs and buttocks more comfortable,And reduce wind resistance
Into a headwind, or would like to bring up speed,Will change their posture

AM 10:30
附近 Taimali 是 應該,All the way all the ups and downs of the sea line

Next stop is the destination to Dawu
However, this road is really stinking long,Really is taimali next door..
When he ran into a lot of counter-clockwise around the island bikers
We cheer each other&Ratio

嘯而 negligence 邊呼 旁 從我 small wagons 來有 units after
The inside two Xiao annual yeah suddenly shouted "Come on! Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~"
And then the whole dancing in the car waving to shake off
Thinking "They will not be too high a point .."

Cavalry Author Author 來騎 after,來愈 趕 start 愈
As close to noon,But all the way to the cliffs down
Obviously far distance Dawu,But also how to ride less than

The way around the island in case of a road bike off,Small Liaoleyixia
My fourth day,He said he was the third day to call,Really fast

Pai instructions one after reaching 於看 來終
Vaguely written on…..Large…………..Birds!!!??
Non-residents came out cursing 了 於忍 end! "Stem"
Dawu? How to smoke a large bird
"Where's the big bird…該死 "
Although very dry,Can only continue to move on their way

PM 12:45
Small town one reaches the end 於看,Quickly found a food…
(Food with water,Is my most important daily stuff ..)

Lunch today to ribs with rice
Only the ribs delicious,Others are not very tasty,But I was very satisfied..

Originally estimated they would go riding more than an hour
I did not expect after half an hour,Dawu 於來 reach final

Original yellow father's house to the sea breeze of good-hearted people are expected to live 439
Call to confirm the day before,The yellow mother said recently more inconvenient,說歹 urged 跟我 return,Really polite
落腳 interest 擇 travel company after 來選,Would have been prepared to bargain
The proprietress see my bicycle around the island,Operator 400 to direct price:)

Although the room is older,But actually quite perfect
Except the windows can not open,One 點 comparison anguish

Than expected early,Afternoon, almost all in watching TV
Retaining ring for hand throughout the island 是 這也,Electric vision 來看 open primary head

PM 16:45
Go out foraging,A little look around,Look at what's to eat

Result…Meisha store,Town really is not,Is probably just one street
Asia-Pacific mobile phone signal in completely,Base units 沒設 是 應該

A taste comparison chum six feet throughout the final 於找
Drumstick rice…Ha

Electric vision 看 繼續 去 就回 來吃 complete after&Leg&Rest
Since today is much earlier than expected,So rest considered quite adequate
I thought Hao,More tomorrow 迴 south 應付 好 這樣
(Subsequently proved,Overestimating the South ..)

Spend today:
Hamburg 35 yuan,Chocolate 30 yuan,Lunch 60 yuan,Dinner 80 yuan,Live in 400 yuan,A total of 605 yuan

Today mileage:107.8km,Average 18.1km,Cheng riding time 5:55

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