Iron Horse Hike Day6 fattening Pingtung(Fenggang)-Tainan(Annan)- A 該死 Kaohsiung

Beginning today,Not a mountain road,Will also spend different weather and eastern
Distance and time,Ryouichi half ring 已騎 Island,But the mentality still dare not overly lax
Just the morning's weather,Still people feel good

Five non-return throughout 點,Days nor bright,Many believers mountains early in the morning to meditate
Could not help admire the devout believers and perseverance

Take care of finished,Bright
Kuashang A hiss horse,Contemporary itinerary start

Down the mountain,Slope with steep to really
Excessive wear leather 煞車 避免 for completion,A method used 嘗試 點放,I feel pretty good to
Including a short,Put to him slip,I did not expect to easily risen to 52 km..
With the Suhua down the speed quite..

Yamashita 來到,Han 堡了 not stutter 是 這回
Looking for a Chinese-style breakfast shop near fenggang Street,Eat two pancake ~

Fenggang Street

Today vitality sources

Author Author Cavalry Cavalry,The junction came 9 1,Table 9 line endpoint to
Will be accompanied in this farewell line 9 days

AM 06:30
No cars on the road,Roadside mostly of students rushing to class
The Pingtung road Duman wide,1 line this ride to be quite leisurely

Because estimates about 120km away today
We 點到 destination for early completion function,In the case of physical license
Morning, I sometimes will be a little riding faster

Today is no exception,In particular, the weather is so cool
Seaside scenery glance

AM 07:42
Ultra-wide provincial road

AM 09:13
Were still in Pingtung,~ Yes 是 啊 些長 true best remembered Pingtung start

劃的 own line roadway bridge a purple Tadashi 這邊 是 far
I feel pretty good,Impression have seen on TV
Unfortunately, to hurry,No go around and see

AM 10:23
Kaohsiung entry,Ming Ming tide 變多 car,Stopped to get something to eat,體力 supplementation

Soon,Kaohsiung gu entry,魘的 dream start today positive 是 這也
A habit Eastern Provincial Cavalry,些 one habit training
A run in sequence 是 best remembered 應都 Provincial governor,也 都是 最大 的 那条

To the urban areas,Non-truth 了 是 這就
Extremely love happens Kaohsiung signs marked provincial highway
A small indication one nurse suddenly arrives at the age of completion over Yoshihisa governor needed

So,Did not take long,I had to deviate from the 1 line
Flower multi 太 找路 unnecessary time for completion
Judgment of the orientation,Quickly find alternative 17

Originally intended and then walk into the Tainan 17
Because today to be staying at the temple near 17
I thought, since already ride this out,Directly take Taiwan 17 ~

AM 11:20
Nursing 警局 reach six feet 好 Tsuyoshi,Hasten to add moisture

Kaohsiung kind of crowded people feel
Look out a lot of places want to show "municipality" level
But I was kind of not quite feeling

Wed horse car road 區街 Of Dragon City

Bahrain Water,Made up his take Taiwan 17
I did not expect the two junctions..
"Dry! 17 had disappeared."
Capital adjustment over time incarcerated individual 來了 Tues,爛了 太 也做 吧 a sign

One small red ring etc. 燈時 Yuan 來到
Yuxiang gas,Provincial non-decision last Ryo tube
"Go north,Will Tainan,Tainan and then come to the provincial highway
Road signs bearing capital 乎每 several pieces Kaohsiung 牌 a good path Tsuyoshi,Zhenggewoyi

My heart just made up his mind
Woman under a car Ryouichi 這看 往我 machine Cavalry officer first place Manabe 旁 這時,Then leaned over..
Ms:"I want to Tainan…A reducing 是 那條 這條 propelled 應該?
Thinking "What a coincidence,I also want to Tainan,And just judge them how to go!(Just not verify)」
I:"It should be this!"
Ms:"This will Tainan to do?"
I:"should be..(他都寫north了,Free surprise!)」
Everyone 往這 flight officer Jo advance north we 於是 Atae woman..

After the completion of stage one sitting,Although it is known is to go north
Also know that I am probably in stage 1 and 17 in the middle
But uneasy mood plus Huzuohuyou the the road
Let me never frozen not bar,To call Liu fertilizer parked on the roadside
哪 會通 possibly reach a last-propelled 這條 check our 幫我 請他

決定call out求援

To see such signs in Kaohsiung…Difficult to

Taking photographs,Issue instructions Yayu 牌 這個 發現
The painted turn right is a 17 line
Actually,It is under the next one is,I really fast hematemesis
Fortunately, I did was wrong

Return to 17 lines,A wind 摧殘 及逆 positive start surface 對艷
Time after 12:00,Also worried since lunch
Home shop 樣沒 Inmo same road 這條 sea line

PM 12:34
Ikegami family budget flight nurses throughout 當店 governor,And quickly drifted meal

Lunch ~ drumstick lunch today a….Eat good road

兩碗 water and road 是 ignorance result,MSG to add too much
Weight factor for heat 是 return,Mouth throughout the thirst to not
The original control drinking good rhythm almost disrupted

PM 13:50
Tainan return 沒到,Has been more than I expected late
heat、thirsty、fatigue,Constantly in a test of my endurance
Really…Can only rely on willpower bitter propped

PM 14:05
A small park named Valentine pier,Stopped to take a breath&Hide what the sun

很煎 are a true path length 這段,As worse than in the east

PM 15:22
Finally enter Tainan to call

Tainan people and vehicles,Made me kind of simple、Comfortable feeling

Compared to Kaohsiung,Obviously, I prefer the natural cultural style in Tainan

After,Water quickly fast my irrigation Ends
Fortunately, finally timely let me Miaodao the police

Temple tonight staying at "the Tucheng the orthodox Luermen Our Lady Temple"
A step into the Tainan start,Along the road you can see the signs indicating the move forward
Just ride later,If after Nanke of that
A whole desolate,Comfort 已經 also required four 點 time
Good period of time did not see the signs,Fear of riding too far
Re-call back-up forces had parked on the roadside for help

Just the Liao fertilizer did not answer the phone,Hit to his girlfriend
Check our positions Mausoleum Atae 幫我 請他,There riding too far
Girlfriend but wanted to get to hang a pair of tone,Cold back I will be back to my
Waiting,Entire foot sun throughout redness
Small thigh rub-proof 曬 忘了 發現 這時 old..

Waiting,Hot sun and strong wind,Really hard
Did not take long,Liao fertilizer call back(Lucky in)
Again asked him to help,Did not take long,Liao fertilizer confirm that I did not ride too far
Law 致的 propelled surface large parallel 跟我 說後,Let me breathed a sigh of relief
Just one last fill "you still have some distance oh"
All kinds of discomfort endured systemic,In the harsh environment,Try riding go forward

AM 16:20
Turn into the path,Comfort calculated 到 了 governor
起 sound machine 這時 hand..
Girlfriend:"You coming yeah!"
I:"And so you find,Yeah .. have been half an hour I have to die in roadside!!!」
Later discovered,COPS bell flower Ryoji other sufficient
SMS answer my .. "in the lower right corner of the map, yeah."
In fact, he would say the south-east of the I Temple…
It almost did not vomit blood .. "from a ㄋ ㄠ is Gabu bags"

Madonna arrives at the Temple of Nursing 當我,First thought, "We rely on…喔 這是 Forbidden City "

在 哪 house shop units 詢問 leave military service after 來進
Boss says ~ ~ "Oh accommodation,Large 樓 customer incense 邊的 east…」

Military service units 來到,媽呀…Taipei level 吧 a book 是 這根
I thought so luxurious turned rejoice,How so good

Description will be staying with the service personnel,The lady asked me whether the appointment
I said no,Later, Miss OK "and" room
My heart is thinking,Wale…那如果客滿我不就尷尬了
那麼 polarized warped near 這附,A separate living accommodation far bridle 好 點都
Good luck 氣真

Registration complete information,Miss then I received 800 yuan
Somewhat taken aback,It seems wrong network data
Fortunately, paying the money enough,Worth mentioning to the last night sleeping out on and enjoy!(Tadashi Abe house 帛跟 fertilizer Sleepwear 兩晚 the rear)
But it also so I save a little break the

Yountville man bunch 這邊,In fact, four of the words are not that expensive
Miss bicycle,Simply want me to simply pull the car into the room
Zhenggewoyi ~ ~

Comfortable room na ~ ~

China military hero - a living museum out Dan Dan 增肥 當年 we envision 這讓

Everyone is asking me how to do the hand imprint..
You look at the semi-finished ~ ~

Take a breath after,Ready to go out foraging,An imperial mausoleum temple wealth 這間 beat beat Li flight order

The following is Our Lady Temple Special Exhibition

The Square night market at night in front of,在 start preparation 已 攤販 這時

Out around a wound after,Looking for a lunch shop,Again point the drumstick rice

Came back,Night Market has been open for business

This is the legendary "the east pilgrims Building"

Buy eggs with asparagus juice back into the room at the night market can not help but enjoy
Today it is too fucked,Treat yourself to a little bit
Drink asparagus juice instantly…Really delicious world
The instant loathing Shupao the add water birds taste to

After discussions 媽建 從老 來聽
Based on health issues,Did the asparagus juice drinking
Later really stomach a little strange ~ Oh

Enjoyed a major human,Reed bamboo shoot soup 蛋與 bird

After the bath,A heavy 曬傷 left thigh 冰敷 small start 對嚴,Results were pretty good

Outcomes brand Minmin flight order

This is what I said before departure "I will take the fattening the spirit back!"

Dragged his weary body to do their homework

Good night to the kids

Today would have been expected 120km,I did not expect the final ride of 150km,Some dumbfounded
Man often and painful day,Also come up with some ideas
Apart from continuing to use the highway Juji multiplication to reduce drag outside
Drink plenty of water when,To drink a small mouth,Then his mouth, a big mouth,4 to 6 times to swallow
So-called non-waste law and non-isolation 以避 僅可 這種,Let mouth、Throat achieve the right amount of moisture
Feeling well

Spend today:
Breakfast RMB 40,$ Shupao 25,Lunch 80 yuan,Dinner 70 yuan,Of asparagus juice 20 million,Eggs 20 yuan,Accommodation 800 yuan,A total of 1055 yuan

Today mileage:151.4km,Average 18.7km,Cheng riding time:8hour

Iron legs completion:80%

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