Tainan fattening Iron Horse Hike Day7(Annan)-Taichung(Shalu)- 14 hours of upwind

Early morning 4:45,Before dawn
Toilet look,Cayao、Finishing equipment,Hit the road!
This is the third consecutive good days every day exhibition plot

Our Lady Miya dehiscence,Nodding on to nearby streets
餐落 early 腳處 fathom 找今 day by day

Author Author Cavalry Cavalry,Non-aid formula 攤自 little early 點 Yes 發現
Is the kind cooked in a pile on the front pick
Reminds me breakfast shop before school in Taichung

Arbitrarily stopped at a door,Looking for a very special breakfast
Back to Our Lady of the temple opposite,Stopped on the roadside while eating watching the sunrise, and the majestic temple of the Virgin

A delicious omelette package hot dogs(Non-current 夠飽 來發 later ..)

升 slow start 也緩 sun 這時

From another perspective, the Virgin Temple(Like the Imperial City?)

Today is expected departure on going from table 17,On the turntable 19 lines
Taiwan yesterday 17 headwind really riding too painful
The 19 wind desired Shaopian inland to smaller(Application No. Atae last difference 仍事 ..)

AM 06:23
17 online

After not in accordance with the expected turntable from County Road 19
But free to find an industrial road turn into
I did not expect it all,Yoshikazu 會兒 fully completed return
They pass through large tracts of rice paddies
Oncoming In addition to the early morning fresh air
Bursts of "fertilizer" flavor
As well as a mass of another group of mosquitoes army…
There are several times less than dodge,Directly tackle the mosquito army..
Really OOXX

And transverse go for some,於沒 final passage
Received a one-lane,Anyway, also the north,Continue to ride it

In this county trail,Some countries, emerging、High school students go to school riding a bicycle
Do not consciously think of a previous student cycling class day

Since not find the 19 line,Somewhat disturbed
Several times want to ask students or local people look at station 19 in which
來想 likely after,I live in the new store for so long,Do not know Beixin Road is line 9
I think, or say nothing to ask..

While riding, looking at the students entering the gate,Edge memories of some past
Unconsciously rode 19 intersection,Really just to uh

鎮後 這個 small dehiscence,Return to the monotony of provincial highway

However the biggest advantage is that this provincial highway road width and no red light

AM 11:00
Has left Tainan good while
Chiayi, with Yunlin almost all simple and boring road
May 19 line would have to go through the more remote place
I would like 1 line might be a little better!

Along the road are endless rice paddies or cornfield

11Point the sun often feel the suffering began

Buddha edge Monastery lodging in Taitung,Night chat with the talkative Arbor
He also filed a young man,Changhua what fields from morning till night
Very hard.

Author rumored maneuvering between farmers hardship 看 這時,Admire their hard work

Starting from the left Tainan,Began to headwind all the way stroke
Since yesterday, a little operation overdone,Early this morning, the leg with the waist are still some discomfort
Especially in the waist,I am particularly worried
If the waist is really painful,Probably not cycling

來趁 return later when the pain 沒很,Parked on the roadside
Pick up the muscle Lok fierce spray a pass to the legs and waist
Did not expect the results were pretty good,Of lower back pain did not live in

AM 11:20
處警 station one Yunlin,For me is like an oasis in the desert

這裡 cavalry arrives,Cloud cover blocked the sun suddenly living,Sky overcast
Plus just to add a lot of water,Suddenly burst cheerful mood
Ki Ki 懷念 eastern sky a In'in a start

Originally want to say before departure prefer sunburn,Do not rain
To but then I would rather cloudy,Photographs look good it does not matter to uh

To noon,Thinking coming Changhua
Changhua find eat

PM 12:50about
Approach Changhua,But I did not expect the town can not find a little someone smoke
起 擔心 luncheon also start 這時,If more than a little more than,Harder to find food
Could not help more riding the faster,Even against the wind with sore foot..

After the completion of stage one sitting,Miaodao to lane dilapidated ladder signs,上頭寫著"麵、rice"
也 不管 店家 看 起 不像 有 在 卖 吃 的,Still riding past ask
I:"Head,Horse 勒賣 dry ditch?
boss:"Sometimes ~ Wow this is a sleepy leap"
Alas…Had to Shangma continue to move forward to find

Also riding for a while,Miaodao a 7-11
According to the experience of the past few days,7-11The near easy converge some stores
(Or 7-Eleven store more pictures)

Sure enough, found a metal hut buffet
Good car stop,Look there is no selling
Her very warm greeting I go fast dinner
At the end!!Lunch nowhere to be found..

Eat ribs buffet-style lunch to change today
Another small one board 這小 small 看,Delicious to Kazakhstan
Not ~ I like this simple mom taste

After the meal has been half past one p.m.
After that you concentrate on their way,Did not stop and take pictures
Physical condition has reached a very physically torment degree of

來休 breath under ROC return one straight stoppages start Tsuyoshi
Slowly the rest spacing shorter
But the body did not rest times and relatively comfortable

Remembered the lessons when riding Ilan
Primary talent at small fixed half rest decision
Within half an hour, no matter how uncomfortable
Think of ways in the car the bridge posture or twisted ass not matter,Is not allowed to get off
Progress dropout 避免 也可 這樣

PM 15:50
Changhua City gu enter final 於進,One term deposits 晚 些了 time we 已比
Wed second bottle also leave heaven now 裝了 警局 這時

The Changhua Baguashan big Foshan under

Changhua City 區後 來到,In fact, there is relief
Because the next over a bridge to Taichung County
Changhua has no headwind problem

Cafe that was originally going to sleep tonight breaking
I thought if the plan has not changed,那了 吧 掰咖 throughout many current non-就差
Just the last breaking coffee back to Taipei,Taichung so I changed it to seek refuge fertilizer silk

Original look at the map to say fertilizer silk distance Changhua did or Mom
Taichung later confirmed until the next time,I underestimated
Is trying to hurry,As it has been more than 4:00

這時….Super headwind appears
Usually riding a flat road speed of about 20km,Headwind all the way up today,Probably down to 15km
To Taichung,Speed ​​of the remaining 10km
Each one integer wave Tues orchid Turtle 就是 這時
Once wanted car flung aside,I uncomfortable ride
Lin Cup has blown a ten-hour headwind
In the end is blowing enough ah! !!!

But my heart dry normalized dry,Cavalry get 繼續 是 return
Highway vehicle law 發揮 reach perfection sitting 也將 這時
The whole person riding almost lying on the leading
看 好 了 not 好 tube 已經 not 當下
Effect is more important!

帛打 來肥 come later,We reach 哪了 question
Because fat silk last night told me that he has to work overtime
So the resolution I go to his company the keys
Yes 已經 些 regret we 這時
Asked fertilizer silk .. "Can you bring 1 line side me?"
Then the merciless fat silk returned to me:"No! I'm at work!"
After hanging 掉 phone,Had braved the super headwind,Ride to go to the sea,(Yes…His company at the beach)

PM 18:10
It became dark,I finally came to the door of the fertilizer silk
Intense sea breeze top Author,Twenty minutes waiting for him at the door..
Utsusemi calculated BH governor 這個

See fertilizer silk a handsome to not Blackhand kind
Each phase machine beat 兩張 幫他 挖出 horseback

帛 fertilizer 來的 爬出 mine 從礦 Tsuyoshi

Fertilizer normalized fertilizer,Pose a bridle 會擺 return

Get the key,Days have been full black,After opening lights 啟前
U-turn,Forward sites to fertilizer silk..

Black Cavalry heaven throughout the primary ring 這是 以來 Island..

Know why I later do not want to go to the keys?
I excerpted the GPS trajectory around the island to explain:

Green is originally went to fat silk route home
Re-route a spoon 拿鑰 reach another family leave law sitting 是 rubra
Map looks okay,For nearly two hours but the actual spend

Destination 帛畫 圖 fertilizer 來依 see later,We fathom a 找著…Bed
I did not expect this road we still have to go through high to cry dad viaduct
Well like tomb Tsai Po Shan Road..
Re likely 已不 發飆 了 we 這時
Just thinking of a good mood worse .. good mood .. "

PM 19:50
Bessho 帛的 fertilizer calculation 抵達 governor
Stoop lock car,Sigh of relief
The instant whole person almost stalls out…Shocked

Do not know too strange route
Later, the Foundation also called concerned about a bit ~ Oh

Toilet after,Leg rest
Look at their skin have flush

Red 燒腿 storage

Grilled through pumping

Halogen pig skin…

The super senior Masafusa fertilizer silk

Ten 點 帛到 equality Momo fertilizer after stray 來迷
Two people to kill to eat Tiffany
Fat Silk said Ashali:"Try your best!!」

So to two points to a table full of food
Chatted while nibbling,Did not take long for nibbling finished
Nostalgic for the time of year in Chinyi to Kazakhstan
Unfortunately, forgot to bring the camera shot!

Spend today:
Breakfast RMB 25,Unified sports drink 25 million,Lunch 70 yuan,A total of 120 yuan

Today mileage:180km,Average 12km,Cheng riding time:12hour<—-An exaggerated one integral piece 數據 是 這行

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