Fattening Iron Horse Hike Day9 Hsinchu, Taiwan - Taipei(Store)—I did it!!

Today,Trip around the island's last day
But,Is still a conservative view of today's trip
Similarly less than up at five o'clock in the morning
Dawn departure

Morning in preparation for luggage
Azhong suddenly get up,Went to the living room watching TV
Sleepwear 怎不 other questions,Do not have to send my friends to
The result turned out to be the Elevator To his credit card in order to .. Poof

Bleary-eyed Azhong

遊嗎 dream 這要 calculated?

Hsinchu,The night before asked Azhong an underpass
According to the map view,The the underpass seem to miss my way to go
But Azhong says it will not,Following completion 很多 over again propelled 證他 Miho parallel
Dehiscence after underpass - result,Sure enough, missed…
Fortunately, not too far,Slightly to look around to find my way to
(You say he is not a bad company)

Today's walk is uphill mostly micro
Compared to a few days ago,Headwind situation much better

In some mountain roads,Encountered several wild dogs
Fortunately, no was eyeing
Touches two Mastiff someone raising super fierce
Just through their garage door,Rushing barking
Heart can only pray that the door do not have a hole so that they ran out of…
We most likely not a 這種 贏他 們 也踹…

Along the way, body aches did not improve
Previously see other bikers seem only the beginning of the pain,好 很多 來都 after
But I do almost every day in pain ~ Oh

Did not take pictures in Hsinchu and Taoyuan road
Impression seems to have no particular views
Plus might have been thinking about welcome to visit Taipei carry stick
So straight riding chanting to

In Taoyuan when you,,And an Arbor bike leaned over
Arbor:"Oh…J cafe the that ㄟ lie embarrassed Ann ㄋ?
I:"Hey ah ~ I come ride from Port ei"
It seems my feet has become a very visible sign of ~ uh

After a red light,See a grandpa holding housing billboards
很烈 sun 當時,Waving his other hand is also holding a baton
Although do not know,But my heart burst dismay,Hardly worth the effort na ~

When riding in Taoyuan City,邊哼 song 邊騎 試著
Did not expect the results were pretty good,Forget the discomfort of the body
Sure enough, the most important attitude adjustment or

AM 10:30about
Taipei 於到 final completion,And still breaking coffee nearby
Thought will be more than 11 points to Huilong,Breaking cafe intend to find out for lunch
But this time probably only find breaking cafe out sipping cool ㄟ the the
Dad Special,沒開 machine 這小 child,Had to give up
Ah Cheng also nearby,But it seems there is a short distance,No call his friends to

Welcome to New Taipei City

On Han bridge,For billboards they see other students are also
But he seems to be a heat stroke,倒放 ground 將牌 child,在 sat on the board Hiroshi Pai 告 people,Head down
I was thinking to "strange,He was uncomfortable how less than arcade sit,To this the sun. "
Then I Dahan Bridge..
Yuichi bite exercise beverages on a reducing our old car conceived 這時,Shoototo a 那個 拿給 應該 Tsuyoshi
Reaction it is slow enough,To think on the bridge,Also can not return to the head,Throw monkey

PM 12:15
I ~ to ~ home ~
Proceed at family,Kind of familiar and unfamiliar feeling
Have to return to a normal life even a kind of sigh days ~ Oh

After a good stop 將車,Looking at this I completed with Asma
The hearts of its feelings deeper,No doubt,It is the best car of my heart!

You are the best!!

One flight below 說明 order,我 这 台 是 ASAMA JS-273
Yes,He really called Asma,I did not mess breaking ~ haha

We did it!!

廖肥 seal feeding 簡訊 了 Chuan,Tell him I have arrived
We not a good person 看 當初 請他 parallel complaint,People manure Dan - a small 覷增 也別 請他 again

After a rest in the afternoon,Mom please a big meal to Kazakhstan

Spend today:
Breakfast RMB 35,A total of 35 yuan

Today mileage:Forgot to record…該死

Island heaven ring,Spent a total of 2940 yuan
LTD 數的 unit milestone governor,Should be close to about 1000 km

First day of the article forgot to mention one thing
I forgot to bring an ATM card…
Fortunately, the day before my departure to apply for money,Finally took three thousand dollars to Kazakhstan
I did not expect the operator of such a quasi-,Ha ha

就此 complete ring island diary,Thank you Tell me watch ~ ~

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