Fattening the line Introduction of iron railings around the island

Hike ~ is I've never really thought about the idea of
Two years ago, is keen on cycling,Sister once asked me, "You thought I'd be around the island it?"
We reach a Yilan Yilan 挑戰 success running north Tsuyoshi 當時,Directly back to him "how might,I'm not that strong. "

~ I've never around the island as a dream
So are they did not go to think about the possibility of
Mention of such a thing until last year, Liao fertilizer
I began thinking, "I do to it?"

Subject 來了 out,In her spare time will naturally think about what the answer is
But was always a question mark
After a period of time,Re-determination of non-adherence problem conclusion 於問
"Subtraction ready,Do not mind riding not ride,Maybe it will slowly clear "

Thus last year,Gradually convince myself to do some physical training
Although in the past sometimes crazy go jogging to work
But this time with a special reason to prepare for roundabout,So a lot of power
Sometimes even raining also still running..

In natural 斷了 來雖 after,But changed at home training
變差 了 quality kinetic,Had to slightly enhance the amount of,Hope to slightly cover
This lasted a few months

Our method more likely Tomomichi 廖肥 沒有 Yuzuru perfect for 這期
On the one hand they are afraid to finally refused,Mutually exclusive Xing 會掃
The other hand, wanted him to experience the experience of planning things
After all, this is his dream

There was a few ideas:
1.Talk to say to you the day before departure
2.Back then you say
The benefit is not psychological pressure,If the final abolition of guilt to Kazakhstan
(It seems that I have already identified Liao fertilizer will not go .. haha)

Finally, in March or discussion with Liao fertilizer date
After a period of Representations,Liao fertilizer determined to not make the trip
Once I thought about "going to do?"
But I can not find the reason for going on
Finally, to get a conclusion to "If because Bird reason this year did not go into, then,I think I could not go. "
請假 單 了 就寫 隔天 於是,Table efforts toward!?

Yes 在 descent fervor car sitting 這兩 years
Physical training process also makes me feel physically falling in
Therefore a kind of strong idea of ​​what must be done in this year
錯過 this year,No chance

At this point,Mon reaching one out away 剩不 發已
Finally began to actively collect data、Directions
And set the ultimate goal "to complete the roundabout"

Physical but also to the ultimate Gifted,Ran five thousand
没 想到 过去 在 家里 重量 不 重 质 的 训练 也 有了 成效
We exceeded three thousand a past 從沒 跑,Successfully completed within a week twice five thousand
And finish when,Breathing without any discomfort,
We 頗讓 crawling surprising result

Directly under the rain at one reason 這段 period
Cycling training only once so small grid head..

Last week,Bei Qing 點裝 start,Let the body relax
Accept the blessing of the crowd and look bad
And to greet the arrival of the D-Day..

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