GIMP濾鏡Round Corners(Fillet of)Lawless use

  GIMP有內建一個「Round Corners」的濾鏡特效,Classified under the category of "decorative",Feature is the picture around the rounded modified,Feedback on possible shade 以加,The effect of personal do it quite like,Description pictures on the blog are almost always made with this filter。


However, under certain circumstances,"Rounded corners" of the filter effect will not be able to choose,Before did not particularly care,Because when I finish the other modifications,Then they can choose the。But today found a lot Photo can not apply this filter,The reason had to search the Internet。


After the cause was 來找,如果要使用Round Corners濾鏡特效,Not valid piece of transparent color plate presence 該圖,If there are,It will not be selected Round Corners filter。The way to solve it is not difficult,Just select "Image" - "Picture planarization"。


At this, "rounded corners" can be used Hello ~



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    University 套軟 congregation 習這 start Tsuyoshi,Yuan keratinocytes 圖跟 a 到 condensation 會用,
    Problems using non-keratinized 發生 好 Tsuyoshi Maruyama,
    Xie Xie capital 訊 您的,Popular with。



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