Google Notebook for Firefox 3.5

Google announced a few months later will stop the development of Google Notebook and maintenance,Mozilla Firefox 推出 了 3.5,好死不死Google Notebook舊的plugin竟不相容於Firefox 3.5,Less this plugin,要記事還得自行上Google Notebook去登入,The whole change is very convenient,One takes into account the degree of use Evernote 轉去 來還 after,The Evernote speed is a bit slow,而且plugin的設計也不像Google Notebook那樣順手(I am concerned.),The Internet to find a bit,Now finally have a solution。

步的 calculation method 偷吃 是 其實 resolution scheme 這個,That is, & quot; spoofing & quot;。After downloading an older version of plugin,To open xpi file decompression software,编辑 里头 的 install.rdf,Masaru"3.0.*"修改成"3.5.*",Modify and save,To install firefox 3.5 on Hello ~

Currently did not encounter any problems using the,Just the next version of firefox out,Is not also are able to perform these feats,It does not necessarily Hello!

Following link good xpi file has changed,Lazy to change the people can directly download,解壓餵firefox吃


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