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Two days prior to the application of the counter Site States,Was originally intended to replace the sky counter,However, after a few days off to observe,But found that the number of daily visits of some excessive Site States,So today they found a counter to try Histats.com。The three counters have different settings,I will explain the results of my observations。

  天空部落的計數器是採cookie紀錄的方式,設定為半小時清除一次,也就是半個小時內不論你點幾次,Are considered a head。A special feature is,只有點擊首頁才會被算進去,這部份在「The accuracy of the sky tribal counter"There are detailed instructions。

  Site StatesIP addresses are added to determine the use of cookie,cookie set time is 40 minutes,ButActual test results,Sometimes only five minutes to add on another one of his,For practical reasons unknown (10/9Update:See detailed reasons under roga reply),I'm not sure whether it is related with the click on different pages,Thus causing inflated the number of visitors,That is why I want to replace the。Site States have provided additional sources of visitors to the query function。

  再來就是這篇要推薦的Histats.com了,Histats.com的紀錄方式應該是屬於cookie,但實際上我並沒有找到確切的cookie紀錄,Related cookie expiration date is set one year later。我改變IP後並不會造成計數增加,So it is to use cookie judgment record,As for the cookie expiration date,I tested to a maximum of two hours,Counters are also not re-count,So I guess (sorry,No detailed measurements) may be set as a day for it。

In addition to outside visitors count Histats.com,There are pages(page)Click Record,IP is classified as,Sum up,Histats.com background information is very rich。Histats.com application can reference "s9011514@blog"Teaching,s9011514兄有做非常詳盡的教學,Will not repeat them here。It is noted that,In "Value are sorted by server(順序設定)」的地方,事實上似乎只能設定顯示哪些數值,而不能設定順序!

In addition,Histats.com還可以將本機電腦的瀏覽紀錄排除掉,So that results can more accurately record。The method as set:

點擊「Account」 – 「GET counter code」,Switch to the "EXCLUDE YOUR PC"Label

There are two ways,One is to click "Click here to downlod the file"The file is transmitted to your blog space,And in accordance with instructions set。

Another way is to stick to the right of JavaScript to your blog,As described will produce the left:

To dismiss the left represents the native browsing history,The right to set reduction。After clicking,This can dismount JavaScript syntax。



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  1. roga Says |

    如果持續動作的話 SiteStates 會一直更新使用者的時間,The number will not change。
    如果停止動作超過五分鐘的話,The next action will add a cumulative number。
    方式是認 IP 加上資料庫中紀錄的時間進行比對,Cookie does not recognize 。

  2. LP Says |

    很實用 每次都紀錄到自己

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  4. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    So that,Thank you for your explanation:)

  5. anson Says |

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  6. anson Says |

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