HTC One (Android 4.0.3) wifi 固定IP設定

Every new smart phone listed,Not too long time,Get Dojin 嘗鮮 會有 governor,What we do,That is, once again this time to study how to most wireless network settings。

  從iPhone開始,Until the various versions of Android,Each set are not the same,這回輪到HTC One這隻搭載Android 4.0.3手機,在建立SSID及加密方式的設定後,Always can not find a place to set the IP,Try to choose "Clear",Then click you can go in settings,But once this is done,Ability to set up wifi 這組 啟不 就再,Seek assistance dog last 於姑,I found the way。

After the SSID is set,As long as long the group settings,The edit menu appears,And then click enter to,It's that simple,And a little bird,Length required to obtain 會想 按 who arrives…,But the problem fix it,Be considered to have long knowledge。



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