IBM ThinkPad R40無線網路無法使用WPA加密問題

  IBM ThinkPad R40所搭配的無線網卡為Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B,This model seems to exist a widespread problem,In some cases the cause can not use WPA / WPA2 encryption protocol to connect the AP to do。Internet when searching for solutions,Gu human non-small problem likewise reach outside the kingdom Yayu,While the official(Lenovo)The proposed solution for this problem,But it seems that it is useless(At least for me)。

First,The official explanation,如果你原先是使用IBM附的Access Connections來進行連線,Change and then use the XP built-in Wi-Fi Internet connection settings,May encounter this problem,The solution is,就是關閉Access Connections的自動連線功能,I tried after,The problem has not been resolved。

In addition to the official practice,另外又試了到Lenovo更新網卡Driver及Access Connections的版本,Have failed to resolve this problem,Finally, finally solve this disturbing problem through the official website of Driver Intel provided。Incidentally,Lenovo official website of the Driver Version Date June 2006,Intel's official website compared to August 2006,Thought so close to release date should be almost,So finally I did not expect really solved。


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