Joomla 1.5與Windows AD整合

Spent a lot of time,Windows Wa success at the end 2000 Server的AD與Joomla 1.5.x帳號做整合,~ Kyoichi setting method under 來分

  1. First,Please to "plug" the user authentication – LDAP "Enable。
  2. 開啟php.ini,Find ";extension=php_ldap.dll",號拿 掉 minutes sided 將前,Archive,If you can,Restart the service。(If you are using AppServ,php.ini can start in – All Programs – AppServ – Server configuration 找到)
  3. Back to the Joomla user authentication – LDAP "里,Begin setting up the plug-in parameters,Here assume that my domain is do an example ~

LDAP V3:Be(做測 LDAPBrower accepted test 以用 這裡,I chose the V2 will be garbled,So ~)
TLS negotiation:No
Follow Reference Information:No
Authentication method:Bind and search(If I choose "directly binds the member fails)
Base DN:cn=users,dc=abc,dc = com,dc=tw
Search string:sAMAcountName=[search](表示搜尋sAMAcountName這個參數,Parameter information, like to see through LDAPBrower)
Users DN:Blank

Username connection:cn = Daming,cn=users,dc=abc,dc = com,dc=tw
Connection password:Wang Daming's password

MAP:Full Name:DisplayName(CrawlingSide said that the Joomla will grab the the Daming account DisplayName parameter as the name,So, if the side did not play,Names may be with ID,Like through LDAPBrower to see which parameters you want to bring)
MAP:E-mail:mail(Ditto,The value of the parameter of the account mail mail fields into Joomla ')
MAP:User ID:sAMAcountName(AD帳號對應到Joomla帳號)

After setting a good,To the Account Login Wang Daming,比如 ~ john,Enter 以登 success 就可 應該
Book of John Shou 這組 automatic 產生 reach 以看 也可 Godai simultaneous current,Name with the mail will be brought

The official website sometimes seems to show shake the show to shake ~ remember to install the JRE in order to run

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