Joomla AS Template 002057 error: A non-numeric value encountered

A few days ago after the PHP open the Display error,Surprised to see two lines appear top of the page”Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in D:\xxxtemplatesas002057freeincludesincludes.php on line 83″Error message,Thought which caused plug,After another one by a platform mounted View,The original simply installed AS Designing of Templates 002057 After the Free themes,Error ensues。

Internet search official was also asked,But it has not been reply,After opening round of study includes.php,Case looked at the error message is said to have non-numerical occurrence,Modify the syntax of a line 83 to do the test,Identify problems occurred in $ aside_left_width two variables with $ aside_right_width,And then further on View,Analyzing found two plug type is right in front of an empty value to two variables,Guess it should be causing the problem here,Put null value is changed 0,Sure enough, the error message is gone。

Actually, I do not know PHP syntax,Just cock,Also not sure to do so for some,But before the official reply,So deal with it on the first ~

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