Lenovo x3650 M5 does not turn -SYS BRD ERROR

After noon, helping the company to install a x3650 M5 boot both Windows Update,Will no longer wake up not,Once the suspect is not a bug caused Updates,After all, the issue of the recent emergence of a little frequent Updates。After the case open,In addition to an outer error LED 163 lights,See SYS BRD ERROR Fengyun are bright,I would like to direct a death sentence,Please hurry DBA colleagues subsequent remedial measures,But my colleagues go out to eat,Plus this is the company's main DB Server,If you give up this,To remedy time at least two hours,And data to be re-built in the morning came,So it is eagerly looking for opportunities to wake it。

Internet search for information about the SYS BRD ERROR,Good luck to find the other side of a master,Directly point out there is likely to be caused by lithium batteries,In no other way to test case,Had to gamble。Incidentally,The x3650 is really bad pull CR2032,But afraid of hurting too hard to motherboard,Later, a colleague managed to try out the method,To put CR2032 oblique tie it at 45 degrees,To extract。After pulling a CR2032 readily replaced from the side of the PC,Finally successful boot,Thank goodness。

View log into the subsequent IMM,The error message is displayed”Sensor SysBrd Vol Fault has transitioned to critical from a less severe state.”,Looks really caused by lithium batteries,The luck just fine,Because the same is SYS BRD ERROR,It was also encountered a problem with the motherboard's RAM,And this is only one RAM looks,Really unfortunate the great fortune。


Even the way [IMM]

  1. BIOS設好IP,Directly to the browser to access from the specified IP。
  2. Enable "IBM USB Remote NDIS Network Device" inside this card in Windows,And then to”″enter。
  3. Pen power line directly connected to the IMM hole,Segment set to”″,With”″Sign in。

[Reference Information]

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