Macbook mounting system OS not shown Drive

Recently handled a Macbook,Hard drive where data has been cleared bare,Even magnetic zone nor retained,To this was going to say how irrigation Mac OS,Internet search to know,The original Apple's OS can already download and install directly from the line,It makes me quite surprised,Instant impression of apple products, a substantial lot of extra points,Because it is too humane。Then be prepared to choose when to install magnetic Area,But without any Drive item for me to choose,The thought that there is a problem hard drive,Internet crawl text after,Before we know it just did not establish a magnetic zone,Through the boot disk and built-in tools to solve。

1. select”Disk Utility”

2. On the left”Internal”Choose your hard drive,And click on the top of the”Erase”

Name: Enter the name of the disk you want。
Format: select”Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”
Scheme: select”GUID Partition Map”

4. Back to the OS installer,You can choose just created magnetic zone。


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  1. Zoe Says |

    This post saved my computer…Many thanks

  2. Anonymous Says |

    Thank you!

  3. Anonymous Says |

    Thanks for your help

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