Today God desk lamp to help mom at home all put LED bulbs,To share with you the results of the trial。

PChome shopping too star full range of LED bulbs in the sale,I have the impression the price a lot cheaper than before。Had to say to buy several brands to compare and see,However, she found include "Avalokitesvara"、"Gods"、"MAX STAR" and other stars are actually too,E12 connector, for example,價格 non-small drop of three tiles crawling child,The main difference is that the number of LED specifications inside compared below:


  Brand LED數 Price(Up to about)
MAX STAR 9 100
Gods 5 70
Guanyin 3 2Teeth 90


Consumption part of the,Each is written 0.5W,Considered 就好 份參 這部,In fact, these three brands specifications almost exactly the same,The brightness of all write the same about 2W brightness,Only more concrete description of the LED part number。


Can be judged from the number of LED brightness should be MAX STAR > Gods > Guanyin ,Fearing that the brightness is not enough,So this time I bought MAX STAR with the Gods,E12 bulb of the practical with the traditional tungsten filament(red、4A kind of 20 yuan),The traditional light bulb is between MAX STAR with the Gods,And cast a red cover,Cover the top part of the, MAX STAR brightness significantly more Gods uniform,Therefore, we feel that the MAX STAR brightness more appropriate,If you want to save money,I think the Gods is also ok,If you do not like me, two on the compared,In fact, not so obvious。


Addition, this time there is to buy the Gods of the large pointed LED bulbs(E27 connector),The brightness is totally reliable enough to replace incandescent light bulbs of the traditional pointed,Had feared inside many LED does not look good had happened,LED neat arrangement but a good feeling,Price part of the $ 150,Quite recommended。

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