Microsoft Update Catalog—微軟提供的驅動程式庫

Weak electric current 腦時 裝新 past,In addition to computer suite has required Driver、Software to help you "pass is flat" outside,Built,A time-consuming action is to find the driver,Help people the Zhongguan computer or the so-called "Windows downgrade",The most commonly encountered。


The approach of the past,No more than is the host vendor's Web site or the chipset manufacturer's website to search for the main,Later, the other side of the introduction of a "drive angel,Said to be very convenient,Can automatically search、Download Driver,You do not need to know what the model is,But unfortunately,Just when I had the opportunity to use it when,His service seems to have been shut down。


Tsutomu 關服 於推 final phase was fine 軟也 Genka,Microsoft-certified driver,皆放在Microsoft Update Catalog上供大家下載使用,Exempt the User from house to house to the trouble of the original site search,For all who need it and bagging is undoubtedly a great boon。


Very easy to use way,連上Microsoft Update Catalog網站後,Shou 裝置 type of import,Search results will be listed various versions of drivers for your choice。


After this selection place 需版,Click "Add" will be added to "download basket",Finally, together Download。


Now it seems that,Microsoft Update Catalog提供的驅動程式還挺豐富的,If the driver can not find,Try Microsoft glue the heart of service。




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