Adjust Outlook LDAP Address Book Sort

microsoft-outlookLDAP address book in outlook is based on the display sort "Display Name" to sort by this field,The default account is under construction,Will also produce the same content as the full name,In AD environment,You can view the "Display Name" This field,But if you want to modify,Will have to through other tools。


Although the "Display Name" generated by default,But in some cases may be required to adjust its content,If the sort order to adjust the LDAP address book,And group account in the establishment,"Display name" is likely to be blank。If you want to modify the "Display Name" field,Microsoft's description of this tool is to make changes ADSIEdit,But I personally was accustomed to using LDAP Browser Editor this little program,Log in with administrator privileges,You can make changes for the displayName。

Tips. Some sort,"-" Will be ignored in,If you want the symbol finishing sorting,You can use & quot; _ & quot; or & quot;. & Quot;。



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